Workplace Pros and Cons – Monitoring Employees Using Video Surveillance

Using video surveillance in the workplace is becoming a more common practice. In some cases, theft of merchandise or other items of monetary value can create a greater loss to a business owner than theft from persons outside the company. This is where having a second set of eyes always watching will help to minimize the likelihood of theft as well as provide evidence of the crime should it occur. Knowing that there are always cameras catching all activity in a place of business gives the business owner peace of mind.

Video surveillance comes in many forms and can often be implemented in such a way that the equipment itself is not obvious to the casual observer. Many video surveillance systems are aesthetically pleasing to the eye and blend in with the decor of any office or business. Depending on the nature of the business, it’s important that both customers and employees alike are able to conduct business in a relaxed and pleasant setting.

Not only do the cameras provide solid evidence for prosecution, but they also act as a deterrent for would-be thieves who would consider stealing from their employer. Simply knowing that the cameras are there is often all that is needed to prevent theft or other activity that can be detrimental to the business or the business owner.

Violence in the workplace has increased in recent years and it is the responsibility of the business owner to provide a safe and secure work environment for his or her employees. Using video surveillance can help law enforcement determine what occurred when an incident of violence occurs at a business location. Having video to review and analyze can not only provide law enforcement with video evidence, but can help the business owner improve areas of vulnerability in building security and access.

The use of surveillance cameras is not only effective in preventing loss and theft, but can also help a business owner monitor productivity and daily processes. Being able to monitor processes and see what needs to be improved helps the business owner to make changes necessary for optimum efficiency and performance. With increased efficiency, it stands to reason that a business owner can expect to see positive changes in the bottom line.

The cost of the video surveillance system itself would be offset by the savings provided through theft deterrent and prosecution. When compared to the cost of the loss of merchandise over time, surveillance cameras will often pay for themselves. Cameras would only be needed in public areas or more private areas were theft might be taking place. Additionally, increasing productivity through process improvement would also add to the company’s bottom line.

Provided that the business owner implements video surveillance of employees within legal boundaries, surveillance should be well received by most employees. Obviously, there are areas where surveillance cameras would be inappropriate and against the law. Employees have a certain amount of privacy that should be guaranteed by the business owner. Provided that employees are notified in writing that surveillance exists, there should be no issue and the surveillance should not interfere with day-to-day operations.

Surveillance cameras provide a business owner with eyes and ears when he or she is unable to personally observe day-to-day operations. Not only are they relatively easy to install, but they’ve become a cost-effective way to increase security and peace of mind for both the business owner and employees alike. Customers also prefer to frequent businesses were security measures are in place so that they can feel confident when shopping or conducting business. In many cases, when patrons of a business are victims of a crime they often place blame on the business owner. With surveillance cameras installed, the business owner is provided with additional protection from litigation or frivolous lawsuits. Using video surveillance is a common sense approach to added security and protection for any business and should be considered a vital part of any security system.

Source by Steve Mike Levy

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