What is a Flocked Christmas Tree?

What is a flocked Christmas tree you say? Well a flocked Christmas tree has artificial snow applied to it. Either an artificial or a live Christmas tree can be made into a flocked Christmas tree. Some artificial Christmas trees are sold with the flocking already applied to them. Some nurseries that sell real Christmas trees have a spray machine that can apply flocking to it if that is what the buyer desires.

Some nurseries will apply custom flocking according to the buyer’s specifications – you don’t have to flock the whole tree, you can apply flocking just to certain branches or specific areas of the tree to give it that frosted look. The flocking that nurseries usually apply is made from cellulose, a wood derivative, and may also contain fire retardant materials to help lower the flammability of a drying tree. There is some claim that completely flocking a live Christmas tree helps to seal the it against the escape of moisture and slows down the drying-out process.

If you prefer to recycle your flocked Christmas tree when the Christmas season is over you should check with your local recycling agency because some agencies will not accept them for recycling. Flocked Christmas trees are not available at all nurseries that sell live Christmas trees. If Christmas tree flocking is not part of the local customs in certain regions of the country, nurseries probably will not be set up to apply flocking to their live Christmas trees.

If you wish to flock your own tree, flocking kits can be purchased at some craft shops and Christmas stores. The flocking in these kits usually comes in an aerosol can which is sprayed over the tree to produce the snowy look that is the whole purpose of flocking. Aerosol spray flocking can be used on a live or artificial tree. The flocking doesn’t always have to be white – you can obtain or make flocking in various different colors – reds, blues, or pinks. Flocking can be applied to the ornaments and decorations so that they match or complement the flocking on the tree.

You can purchase artificial Christmas trees with the flocking already applied to them. Some artificial trees come with flocking applied and with the lights already installed. Either way your family will enjoy the warmth and traditional feel of a flocked Christmas tree.

Source by John C Harris

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