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  1. Aquaflow Ltd., Finland
  2. Ausenco, Australia
  3. Jaakko Poyry Consulting AB, Stockholm, Sweden
  4. Moore & Associates, Atlanta, GA, USA
  5. Precision Energy Services, Inc., Hayden, ID, USA
  6. SNC-Lavalin, Montreal, QC, Canada
  7. Veolia Environmental Services, Pyrmont, NSW, Australia
  1. A.H.Lundberg Associates, Inc., Bellevue, WA, USA (Environmental safety system)
  2. ALGAS Fluid Technology System AS, Norway
  3. BDP Industries, Greenwich, NY, USA – (Dewatering Equipments)
  4. Bio-Nomic Services, Inc., Charlette, NC, USA – (Sewer cleansing, Sludge dewatering)
  5. EIMCO Process Equipment, Salt Lake City, UT, USA – ( Solid-Liquid Separation Equipment)
  6. FKC Co. Ltd., Tokyo, Japan – ( Screw Press & Rotary Screen Thickener)
  7. Meri Group of Industries, Germany (Effluent Treatment Plants)
  8. New Logic Research, Inc. Emeryville, CA, USA (chemical membrane cleaners)
  9. Paal Group (Paal, Faes, Comdec-Paal & Dicom), Germany (Baler, Compactors, Sorter and so forth.)
  10. Paques bv, The Netherlands – (Wastewater Treatment Package)
  11. Purac AB, Sweden (Water & waste water therapy vegetation)
  12. Synagro, Houston, TX, USA – (Biosolid Management)
  1. ChemTreat, Inc., Richmond, VA, USA– (Water Treatment Chemical)
  2. Linde Group Murray Hill NJ USA (Process Gases)

  1. Environmental Paper Blog
  2. Industry Council for Packaging and Environment (INCPEN), London, UK
  3. Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, Inc., Washington, DC, USA
  4. Paper Recycling Information Sheet by
  5. Pulp & Paper Health & Safety Association, North Bay, ON, Canada


Typical Paper Industry Operations:
Materials Used and Hazardous Wastes that Might be Generated

Process/Operation Materials Used General Types of Waste Generated
Chemical Pulping Acids/alkalis, lime, sulfurous acid, sodium hydroxide, sodium sulfide Acid/alkaline waste
Bleaching HCl, Chlorine, Chlorine Dioxide, NaOH, Sodium Hypochlorous, Cheltin, and Na-hydrosulfite Toxic wastewater and wastewater therapy sludge, Acid/alkaline waste
Papermaking Pigments, clay, filler, dyes, fibers, dyes, rosin, alum Wastewater therapy sludge
Sizing and Starching Waxes, glues, artificial resins, hydrocarbons, rosin, alum, AKD, Toxic waste, together with wastewaters add sludge
Coating, Coloring, and Dyeing Inks, paints, solvents rubbers, dyes, clay, TiO2 Solvent waste Ink waste Paint waste, Ignitable waste, Toxic waste
Cleaning and Degreasing Tetrachloroethylene, Trichloroethylene, methylene chloride, trichloroethane, carbon tetrachloride Solvent waste, Toxic rinse water

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