Valmet to supply coated board and fine paper making lines with pulp production to Fujian Liansheng in China

Valmet will supply a folding boxboard making line (BM 1), a fine paper making line (PM 3) and a bleached chemi thermo mechanical pulp (BCTMP) production line to Liansheng Pulp & Paper in Zhangzhou, Fujian province, China. The lines will be delivered to a new greenfield mill in Zhangzhou, which will eventually have a total pulp and paper capacity of 3.9 million tonnes annually. The start-ups of BM 1, PM 3 and BCTMP line are scheduled for the 3Q 2022.

The values of the orders will not be disclosed. The orders similar to delivery scopes of BM 1 and PM 3 add up to around Euro 190-220 million, and the value of an order similar to the delivery scope of the BCTMP line is typically around Euro 10-20 million.

Valmet’s delivery for both BM 1 and PM 3 will include a large number of Valmet Conical Refiner Conflo refiners to achieve better refining results for virgin fibers. The delivery for BM 1 will include a high-speed coated board making line from broke collection to a reel and winders. The three-layer base board will have four coating layers applied by OptiCoat Jet coating stations followed by a number of OptiDry Coat air drying units, OptiDry Chill web cooling and an OptiCalender Soft calender to achieve very high-quality surface properties. Valmet’s delivery for PM 3 will include a high-speed fine paper making line from broke collection to a reel and winders.

The 8,850-mm-wide (wire) board machine (BM 1) will produce folding boxboard grades with a basis weight range of 210-350 g/m2 and design speed of 1,400 m/min. The daily capacity will be over 4,100 tonnes. The 11,150-mm-wide (wire) paper machine (PM 3) will produce high-quality wood-free uncoated (WFU) with a basis weight range of 50-100 g/m2 and design speed of 1,800 m/min. The daily capacity will be over 1,800 tonnes.

The Valmet BCTMP line is integrated to the folding box board making line. Valmet’s delivery includes the main equipment for the BCTMP line including the world leading RGP CD-82 refiners and TwinRoll wash press technology. The delivery scope covers engineering, procurement and site supervision (EPS). Training, site services and corresponding spare parts are also a part of the scope.

Fujian Liansheng Paper Co., Ltd. is a leading modern papermaking enterprise integrating product development, waste paper recycling, waste paper pulping, papermaking, sales, and logistics.

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