Valmet signs long-term maintenance operations agreement with CMPC Mill in Santa Fe, Chile

Valmet and CMPC have signed a long-term agreement for maintenance development services at CMPC’s Santa Fe Pulp Mill, in Chile.

In addition to daily presence at the site, Valmet’s maintenance development agreement offers the customer support from Valmet’s global network of experts and various Industrial Internet applications through Valmet Performance Center 24 hours a day.

Valmet will provide mill maintenance services for CMPC’s wood handling area. Valmet will be responsible for securing the reliability at the site through planning, leadership, management, development, and execution of maintenance. Additionally, Valmet will bring new solutions to improve efficiency and accuracy of the daily maintenance.

CMPC Santa Fe is the largest Bleached Eucalyptus Kraft pulp mill in Chile with a production capacity of 1,310,000 ADt/year.

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