Valmet chosen as the third most attractive employer by the engineering students in Finland

HELSINKI — Valmet has been chosen as the third most attractive employer by engineering students in Finland. The ranking was published in Universum’s annual survey, which is the biggest employer survey in Finland. In 2020, Valmet was ranked fifth in the same category.

Valmet has been constantly renewing and further developing its ways to connect with future talents through its global concept for student and university collaboration. Despite the pandemic, Valmet has been able to offer well over 300 summer trainee positions in Finland this year and last year. In addition to that, Valmet has for example organized virtual summer trainee fairs and virtual mentoring in Finland.

“Being a top-three employer in Finland among engineering students is an achievement we can be proud of. I believe that the energy we put into our summer trainee program impacts this result, but I also think that Valmet’s continued strong results, great team of experts, and industry leading projects make us an attractive employer in Finland and in other parts of the world. I sincerely hope that there are many future Valmeteers among those polled. We are always on the lookout for fresh talent,” says Julia Macharey, SVP, Human Resources and Operational Development, Valmet.

Information about the Universum Talent Survey

Every year, university students vote for their ideal employers in the Finland’s largest career related study – the Universum Talent Survey. This year over 14,000 students in Finland provided insight on company characteristics they find most attractive in a potential employer as well as who they perceive to be their ideal employer.

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