Top 7 Ideas For Barbie Dancing Princesses Party Supplies, Games and Decorations

1. For some fantastic invitations, cut out a Barbie ballet shoe design from paper and decorate it using markers and flower stickers. Write the party details on the back.

2. Hang up a theme banner and lots of pink and white balloons and streamers to make your party area look like a ball room.

3. As each guest arrives for the party, hand them a princess blowout. Make sure to set out lots of Princess coloring pages for the guests to color as you wait for everyone to arrive.

4. For a Barbie Dancing Princess party game, play “Dancing Tiles.” Fashion magic tiles or stones with squares of felt. Use permanent marker, or fabric paint to adorn the stones with your child’s favorite flowers. Place the “Magic Tiles” in a circle formation. Play classical music while the guests dance from tile to tile. You can encourage the girls to twirl every now and then. When the music stops, call out a color of a flower in the circle. The person on that color of flower will win a prize. Play until everyone has received a prize.

5. Play “Pass the Magic Slipper.” Play this game just as you would “Hot Potato”.

Position the girls into a circle. Pass a ballet slipper from player to player, while music is playing. When the music stops, the player holding the slipper will sit in the center for one round, or she can be in charge of the music for one round. When the game comes to an end, surprise your dancing princesses with a Barbie Pencil.

Variation: You can use other items such as a tiara, or princess wand instead of the ballet slipper.

6. Fill bags with these princess party favors to hand to your guests to feel the dancing mood: pencils, stickers, tattoos, mini dots, and a blowout.

7. Use Barbie Thank You notes or fold pieces of pink and white paper in half and write a thank you note to each of your guests telling them how much you appreciated them coming to your party.

Try these ideas to host a wonderful party.

Source by Bonnie Larsen

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