Three Undeniable Reasons Why Paper Shredding Is Important

A simple human error can irrevocably damage your reputation. Throwing a sensitive document into the garbage is like throwing your reputation away. With the increase in the cases of fraud, the government has enacted strict laws pertaining to privacy.

One of the ways to keep information within your organization secure is to shred expired data using the process of paper shredding. There are various companies that provide these services, as well as certificates of destruction to assure you that the information you provided has been destroyed completely.

Besides, laws in certain states require that you must safely destroy any privileged information used by your office once the work is completed.

Below I’ll explain some reasons why paper shredding is undeniably important.

Identity Theft and Protection of Privacy

Cases of identity theft are on the rise these days. Studies have found one in every ten people in America is a victim of this type of fraud.

Therefore, every organization needs to keep client or customer information protected, so as to avoid violation of privacy laws. Shredding of confidential information ensures it does not get into the wrong hands.

Easy Management

At some time or another, every organization possesses important documents, such as bank statements, consumer data, credit card receipts, etc. The more documentation you are entrusted with, the more protection you need to secure the information contained within these documents. Added security and care requires more money, more space, and more time spent managing this process.

Managing loads and loads of data requires labor. However, if you simply decide to shred documents once they are no longer needed, you will save space, time, and efforts.


Paper consists of fibers. The longer the fiber, the more valuable the paper is during the recycling process. As paper is recycled again and again, the fibers become shorter. Such paper can only be recycled into tissue or toilet paper.

Nevertheless, paper in this form is still useful, so you shouldn’t feel guilty about shredding your documents.

If even that fails, then the shredded paper can be used for compost.

If you are using an office shredder instead of hiring a certified shredding company, chances are the shredded paper is being dumped into the trash instead of being recycled.

Additionally, there are unscrupulous individuals who will spend the time to piece together strips of shredded paper just to be able to extract confidential information.

It’s wiser to hire a paper shredding company that will recycle the paper after it has been shredded

These businesses come to your office with all their equipment, collect the papers from you, shred them at your office site, and then provide you with a certificate of completion.

Be safe, be secure, and don’t deny the importance of this service.

Source by Farhan Musavi

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