Teach Your Kids the Value of Speed Reading

We live in a world where the phrase “the faster the better” dominates. Everything has become instant, from food to messaging. We are no longer spending time for useless things.

In the age of over information – where every data we need is available by just a few clicks in the keyboard- what we need is how to sift through the data overload as fast as we can while only retaining what is essential to help us.

This is why teaching your child to learn speed reading is important – it will improve her learning and thinking abilities while giving her all the information that she needs at the shortest possible time.

Maria Teresa Calderon is known as the World’s Fastest Reader. She is able to read 80,000 words per minute and she comprehends 100% the material. Other well-known speed readers are J.F. Kennedy who can read 6,000 words per minute; John Stuart Mill, with 37,000 words per minute; and Theodore Roosevelt, who was able to glance at a page and ascertain its content correctly.

Benefits of speed reading

Speed reading helps your child to get as much information in a shorter span of time. This is crucial given the many school projects and homework she had to finish every day. If she learned to review as many reading materials and books as it’s possible in a short time span, then this will boost her chances of acing her exams. The more she speed reads, the better she will be in keeping up with such pace.

The difference between speed readers and non-speed readers is that the first ones will read through the pages and get as much material as they need. The non-speed readers will slog through every page and they’ll spend a lot of time just ruminating on what they just read.

Speed reading also helps when it comes to writing term papers as they’re capable of summarizing a long text and condense it to five-graf digest. This is because a child who can speed read can get the essence of the material, condense it, and write it in just a few minutes..

Thanks to their capacity, speed readers gain enough time for themselves, whether it’s for their school work or other hobbies.

Book lovers are speed readers

Given the many benefits of speed reading, it’s indeed advisable that you help in developing your child’s capacity to read fast.

There’s only one way to develop speed readers – and that is to inculcate the love of reading in your child. Speed readers can read and absorb the information easily because they love to read. They read because they want to, and not because they have to. It is their passion for reading that “teaches” them how to speed read.

The more you encourage your child to read, the more she learns how to speed read. So give her books as a treat. Instead of wasting time in shopping malls, spend your weekends going to bookstores and libraries where you can help her choose books that she can bring home and enjoy. Encourage your child to join a book club in school.

Best of all, set a good example and show your child that you yourself is a bibliophile. If your child sees that you enjoy and value a good book, she will emulate it and treat books and reading as highly as you do.

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