Suggestions for a More Organized and Productive Year

It’s the start of another year and an attempt to stick with our chosen new year resolutions. Many of us end up not following through but some are determined to make their resolutions a reality. This year, just after midnight, I sat down and came up with a very long list of 2017 resolutions. Some are simple things but others are personally challenging. For example, I am in the process of starting an in-home pet care business. I have been in the planning stages for several years but I’ve been afraid to actually put my ideas out there and finally start my business. At the top of my 2017 resolutions list is to start and grow my business. Over the last year I realized that my daily habits, or lack-there-of, was the main reason I wasn’t making my business happen. I’m really good at making lists of things I need to do and I am very aware of all the steps I need to take to make everything happen, I just haven’t been as organized or productive as I need to be.

Based on my personal life, here are some of my suggestions for creating a more organized and productive lifestyle. Instead of sleeping in on your days off, wake up and get ready as if you were going to work. Once you are awake and ready spend an hour or more working on completing tasks that need to be done, such as, clean or organize a room or space in your house or garage, plan out the coming weeks meals or even pre-prep meals, run errands that you may have been putting off, or work on projects for your work or business. Another suggestion to ensure you work on your to do list is to get a planner or calendar and actually schedule or plan out everything you need to do in the next weeks or months. This may mean that you write a task for a certain day, schedule the task for a certain time or plan out the order of everything you need to complete on a certain day.

These are not huge life changes but they will make a huge impact on your productivity. For me, making these things a habit for the past few months has allowed me to finally get my business to the point that my grand opening is in a few weeks. Had I not made these changes I may have continued to be in the planning phase for a few more years. Resolutions are very personal but I believe these suggestions can help anyone determined to follow through with their resolutions.

Source by Kristen Gaul

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