Solenis to Expand Price Increase on Polyacrylamide Polymers and Retention Aids in EMEA

Solenis, a leading global producer of specialty chemicals, will increase prices by 10 to 15 percent on all polyacrylamide polymers, coagulants and retention aids across the EMEA region, effective immediately, or as customer contracts allow.

Originally announced last month, Solenis readjusted the price increase and also included coagulants to the list of products affected. The increase is necessary due to the major impact on key feedstock costs, and also from raw material shortages that are tighter than anticipated.

Several Force Majeure situations at major acrylonitrile producers in EMEA and North America over the last few months have caused a shortage in product availability, significant cost increases and production and supply chain issues. Acrylonitrile is the key raw material for making acrylamide monomer and polyacrylamide polymers used in papermaking, municipal water treatment, mining and oil and gas applications. Additionally, propylene feedstock costs have increased globally, resulting in significant cost increases for other key raw materials used in making polyacrylamide polymers and coagulants.

“Solenis is making every effort to overcome these factors and secure a cost-competitive supply of polyacrylamides. We thank our customers for their continued business and partnership,” said Dr. Norbert Steiner, director, Global Product Management, Industrial Polymers.

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