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SmartCalc – Aurel

Split Range Controller ExampleCADSIM Plus’s SmartCalc™ accelerates each course of simulation calculation and outcomes show. SmartCalc manages flowsheet calculations to hurry up runtime efficiency. Calculation occasions could be an order of magnitude quicker than what is feasible with some other course of simulator.

SmartCalc is a mixture of greater than 10 proprietary applied sciences that had been developed for CADSIM Plus by Aurel Systems. These new applied sciences work collectively to spice up runtime efficiency of simulation calculations and outcomes show. Specifically:

  • Lengthy calculations are solely carried out if they’re required – after which, provided that the chief program has detected modifications to their enter values
  • Careful coding of graphical routines permits Living Drawings with dozens, and even a whole lot of animations, to carry out exceptionally quick
  • Live shows of a whole lot, and even 1000’s of separate simulation outcomes could be displayed greater than 10 occasions quicker utilizing SmartCalc, than with typical graphic applied sciences

So how briskly is CADSIM Plus? CADSIM Plus can run an actual mill space flowsheet that includes dozens of stream parts operating by way of a whole lot of kit models on an entry-level PC laptop at greater than 17,000 occasions quicker than actual time. That would help you observe the following 12.5 days of scheduled operation in roughly 1 minute of actual time.

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