Self Adhesive Label Types

Self Adhesive Labels Guide


Economy Thermal:

This range of paper is coated with a thermal coating which turns Black when it is subject to a heat source. This range of material is used for information labeling on a short-term basis were contamination is at a minimum. Ideally used in point of sale labeling in-store, weigh scales, logistics, address labeling and box end descriptions.

Thermal Top Coated:

This range of material has a protective coating to protect the thermal sensitive coating image area from contamination of fats, grease, solvents and plasticisers from packaging films that may come into contact during storage or transportation. This range of paper material is commonly used in freezer environments for pre packed food e.g. meats and cheese. This product is used in supermarkets on fresh and frozen products and used for industrial barcoding.


A wood free medium glossy machine coated paper with good whiteness. Semi-gloss labels are a type of universal paper used in thermal transfer print and multi-colour print, were fine print details are required. They are also used for promotional applications.


A smooth, white paper which is machine finished and also wood free. Vellum labels are used for general purpose applications, like barcoding and general information labeling.


This is a clear or gloss white coated film which is used for rigid and durable applications. Polypropylene labels have a waterproof material which is used to label cosmetics, toiletries and used in promotional labeling. A special thermal transfer ribbon is required to print onto this type of material which Label Metrics can supply.


Permanent adhesive:

This adhesive is the most common adhesive in the self-adhesive label market. It is a permanent adhesive which when applied with pressure will not remove form the application. Ideally used where product information is important and has a shelf life of 12 months (subject to normal conditions) which should be cool and dry in most application environments.


This adhesive gives an easy peel from products applied to. A removable adhesive is commonly used in promotional price marking where the label with printed information needs to be peeled from the product with ease. Label Metrics provides a full range of promotional price labels over a vast amount of self-adhesive label sizes.


Were cold temperature is required for products this adhesive gives excellent adhesion at very low temperatures and also give excellent adhesive tack at room temperature. A freezer adhesive is ideal for food applications in freezer environments.

If you’re not sure on your label application and need advice then give our self-adhesive label team of experts a call on 01482 485005. Our self-adhesive label manufacturing facility is based in Hull where we have a vast range of direct thermal labels, thermal transfer labels, price gun labels and colour washed labels all available in various sizes in stock ready to dispatch on free next-day deliveries.

So if you are looking for self-adhesive labels in Hull then look no further than Label Metrics.

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