Recycling Is Referred to As the Act of Processing Used or Abandoned Materials

Recycling is referred to as the act of processing used or abandoned materials for creating new products. For simpler understanding, recycling is the process of turning one product’s useful parts into a new product. Knowing and understanding the recycling facts and benefits is significant. It is important that all people must be aware of this matter to be able to save the undeniably dying Mother Earth.

Studying some basic recycling facts will bring us back to the year 1990. It was in this year when recycling activities improved dramatically in the United States. 15 years ago, nearly 15% of our waste materials were recycled by the U.S. And today, they even doubled it and recycled 30 % of our waste materials. What the United States wants to show people is that we can do something to save our environment from huge amount of garbage’s and unused materials coming every day. What would life be in the future if this planet will be filled with garbage’s? Our future generation still needs a shelter and taking care of our environment will give them a better home.

Recycling is one simple yet very essential way of helping preserving planet earth. So why not start recycling on your own? Well, better think of the following recycling facts to be given. You can use it as your motivation to start your own recycling activities. Sad fact, we get through nearly 3 billion disposable nappies each year in the UK alone. Sadder fact? 90% of these disposable nappies end up landfill sites. 55 million 2-litre plastic bottles each year are thrown away in Bristol. Five out of six glass bottles are thrown away.And, just to make disposable nappies, 7 million trees are cut down each year. These facts are truly threatening. However, there is still hope. We can do something. Let us now discuss the brighter side

Do you know that over 40 percent of soft drink bottles and 40 percent of paper products are being recycled? Not only that. 50 percent of steel products and appliances are also recycled. All these are some of the many ways our concern people and organizations do to be able to get rid of enormous garbage’s and unused materials. Now, we already have more than 12,000 drop recycling sites.

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