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Qualities of a Tissue Paper

Tissue paper is often meant for the hygienic market. For this purpose, their primarily requested traits are softness and bulkiness. However, completely different untradeable qualities of the tissue paper rely on the sort of fibers used and their processing. 

In the manufacturing of tissue paper temporary and prolonged fibers are used. The earlier confer options together with softness and silkiness, even because the latter offers a increase to and strengthen the construction of the net. 

The technological stage of every bit of gear and the way used for the manufacturing of tissue papers have an impressive impact on the final high-satisfactory of the product. With the correct raw substances and chemical elements, blended with dedicated recent gear, it’s far viable to produce a good tissue paper for top-of-the-variety hygienic merchandise. Here are 5 elementary qualities for high-satisfactory tissue merchandise listed: 


The bulkiness is the quantity occupied by a given weight of paper. This is a essential high quality, because it’s far intently correlated with absorbency and softness, and is particularly determined by way of approach of means of components: the manufacturing expertise and the high-satisfactory of the fibers used. 

Through-Air Drying Equipment

To obtain extreme bulkiness withinside the manufacturing section it’s far viable to use superior expertise with, for instance, the Through-Air Drying method (or TAD), whereby the moist pressing section is decreased to the minimal. In addition to manufacturing expertise, completely different components determining bulkiness are the utilization of decreased pressure withinside the press nips, a lot much less in-depth refining of the fibers and the creping of the paper. 


Absorbency is a vital asset for any tissue paper product dedicated to drying liquids. The sheet should consequently have an extreme absorption velocity, to appropriately carry out its drying motion, and an extreme liquid-preserving capability, to remove as a lot liquid as viable. Absorbency is given by way of approach of means of the sort of fiber used: the refining operations, the creping carried out, the present layers inside the final product and the elements used.

Tissue Paper Absorbency


The tissue paper sheet is subjected to massive stresses in the course of manufacturing operations, withinside the altering section and, lastly, when in used by way of approach of means of the buyer. Hence the need to obtain a sheet with a good-enough stage of energy, given by way of approach of means of the combination of 3 components: 

– energy and association of fibers withinside the sheet. 

– stage of the molecular bond among the many fibers themselves.

– the presence of energy elements. 

 Specifically, the first components rely upon the method variables and the sort of uncooked supplies used. 

Wet Strength

Some tissue paper merchandise, together with kitchen towels, should be resistant even when moist, and this function depends upon the extent of the molecular bond among the many fibers they’re made of. To hold the moist energy many elements could also be used to enrich or replace the hydrogen bond of the fibers. In this fashion, it’s far viable to be sure that the tissue paper continues as a lot as 50% of its dry energy when moist. 

Wet Strength of a Tissue Paper


Softness is a utterly essential requirement and trendy by way of approach of means of shoppers, as regards merchandise dedicated to the hygienic-sanitary or private care markets. Furthermore, the notion of softness now not rely handiest on contact, however moreover on sound and visual perceptions together with shade (the extent of whiteness) and noise within the meantime of tearing. 

Soft Tissue Paper

 Softness is often divided into floor softness, related to the velvet-like feeling to the contact, and bulk softness, which is a signal of the profit with which the tissue paper yields while crumbled. 

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