135 gsm paper roll price

The Paper manufacturing and packaging, and Printing industry. We are pleased to help you with supplying raw materials for the best quality and lowest price. As well as coordinating you through your business by providing consulting services.100 gsm paper roll price

Being well experienced in import and export worldwide, we are here to offer you a variety of paper materials for corrugating, paper bags production, and printing. Types of paper products are as below:

  • Paper for Corrugating: 70 – 200 gsm range, (180 – 450gsm range for offset; 220 – 400gsm  Virgin KLB)
  • MG Kraft: 30 – 90 gsm range
  • Waste paper for recycling: OCC, ONP, NCC, BBC, NDLKC, other mixed types
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  • by email:    info@imitationpaper.com


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