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  1. AB Lorentzen & Wettre, Kista, Sweden (Pulp & Paper Testing Equipments)
  2. Adirondack Machine Corporation, Queensbury, NY (Providing High Quality Wet-End Laboratory Equipment for the Papermaking Industry) Contact : Mr.Thomas Ferari, @ Tel: 518-792-2258, Fax: 518-792-2274 e-mail: [email protected]
  3. Angel Instrument, Saharanpur, UP, India 
  4. Datacolor International, Lawrenceville, NJ, USA – (Color Measuring Equipment)
  5. Deja Vu Lab & Test Equipment Inc., Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia, Canada
  6. Emerson Apparatus, Portland, ME, USA – (Manufacturer of Precision Laboratory Test equipment since 1908. Also gives TAPPI testing assist, Calibration companies and SPC reporting)
  7. Emtec Electronics GmbH, Leipzig, Germany – (Measuring Equipment)
  8. ETS Intarlaken Technologies, Kolkata, India (Paper Testing Equipment)
  9. FEC (World Class Testing Equipment), New Delhi, India (Paper & Filter Testing Equipment)
  10. Fibretec Instruments, India (Paper Testing Equipment)
  11. Global Engineering Corp., Jaipur, India
  12. Gurley Precision Instrument, Troy, NY, USA – (Air Permeability, Softness, Smoothness, Stiffness and Absorption Tester)
  13. IDM Instruments Pty Ltd., Victoria, Australia (Paper Testing Equipment)
  14. ImageXpert, Inc.,Nashua, NH USA (Paper Testing Equipment for Lab & Production. Measure Features corresponding to Printed and Unprinted Mottle, Formation, Dot and Line Quality, Helio, Edge Quality and way more) Contact Karen Kipman, Phone: (603) 598-2500 FAX: (603) 598-2687 e-mail: [email protected]
  15. ISIMAT, San Diego, CA, USA
  16. Karl Schroder, Germany (Paper Testing Equipment)
  17. Labtech Instruments Inc., Ville St. Laurent, QC, Canada – ( Testing Equipment)
  18. Liberty Engineering, Roscoe, IL, USA – (Paper Testing Equipment)
  19. M Okay Systems Inc., Danvers, MA, USA  (Lab. and Quality Control Equipment)
  20. OpTest Equipment Inc., Hawkesbury, ON, Canada – (Lab & Inline Process Equipment)
  21. Paper Life Ltd., West Yorkshire, UK (Paper Testing Equipment)
  22. R.D.SPECIALTIES INC. , Webster, NY, USA (Metering/Coating rods and Equipment)
  23. Premier International, Saharanpur, UP, India (Paper Testing Equipment)
  24. Pulmac International, Montpelier, VT, USA – (Contaminant & Fiber Testing Equipment)
  25. Sensor Products Inc., East Hanover, NJ, USAManufacturer of a line of nip profiling merchandise. For nip merchandise info, see Contact: Ms. Madelene Glomsten @ Tel. 973.428.9510; Fax 973.884.1699; e mail: [email protected].
  26. Techlab Systems, Sebastian, Spain (Pulp, Paper & Corrugating Board Testing Equipment)
  27. Test Techno Consultant, Gujrat, India (Paper, Plastic & Packaging Testing Equipment)
  28. Testing Machine Inc., (TMI), New Castle, DE, USA – (Paper Testing Instruments)
  29. Thwing-Albert Instrument Co., Philadelphia, PA, USA– (Testing Instrument)
  30. Universal Engineering Corporation, Saharanpur, UP, India (Paper Testing Equipment)
  31. WorldOfTest
  32. Zeta Meter Inc., Staunton, VA, USA – (Zeta Potential Meter)

  1. Andritz – Pruyn’s Island Technical Center (PITC), Glens Falls, NY, USA
  2. Avantha Centre for Industrial Research and Development (ACIRD), Patiala (Punjab), India 
  3. Applied Paper Technology, Inc., Atlanta, GA, USA – (Paper Testing)
  4. Chicago Paper Testing Laboratory, Inc., Northbrook, IL, USA  (Paper Testing)
  5. Columbia Analytical Services Inc., Kelso, WA, USA –( Pulp, Paper and Chemical Testing)
  6. Collaborative Testing Services, Inc., Sterling, VA, USA
  7. Econotech Services Ltd., Delta, BC, Canada – ( Pulp, Paper and Chemical Testing)
  8. FPInnovations — Paprican Division, Pointe Claire, QC, Canada (Pulp and paper testing, chemical analyses, microscopy & picture evaluation, high quality assurance companies)
  9. Huffman Laboratories Inc., Golden, CO, USA – (Black Liquor Testing)
  10. Innventia AB, Sweden – (Pulp & Paper Testing)
  11. IPS Testing Expert,  Appleton, WI, USA – (Pulp, Paper and Chemical Testing)
  12. Intertek Group plc., (Pulp & Paper Testing)
  13. Lakehead University (Pulp & Paper Testing Lab), Thunder bay, ON, Canada
  14. Oy Keskuslaboratorio – Centrallaboratorium Ab (KCL), Finland (Pilot Services for Paper Industry & Pulp and Paper Testing)
  15. Paper Technology Specialists (PTS) Testing Services, Germany
  16. Pulp & Paper Engineering, IIT Roorkee, India (Pulp & Paper Testing & Consultancy)
  17. Pulp and Paper Services, LLC, Saint Johnsbury, VT, USA – (FTIR Analysis, Fiber Analysis, TAPPI/ASTM/FDA/ISO Analytical Testing, Pulp and Paper Testing)  Contact: Phillip Sirois at [email protected] Tel: (802) 424-1564.
  18. Spectro Analytical Labs Ltd., New Delhi, India (Paper Testing)
  19. Thapar Centre for Industrial Research & Development (TCIRD), Patiala, India (Pulp & Paper Testing)