1. Air Products and Chemical Inc., Allentown, PA, USA
  2. Ashland Inc., Boonton, NJ, USA
  3. BASF Corp., Charlotte, NC, USA
  4. Bastech Inc., Jacksonville, FL, USA
  5. Buckman Laboratories, Memphis, TN, USA
  6. Clariant Corp., Charlotte, NC, USA
  7. Corn Products Intl. Inc. (Casco in Canada), Bedford Park, IL, USA
  8. Dow Chemical Co., Midland, MI, USA
  9. DuBois Chemicals LLC, Cincinnati OH – Unique Solutions for Machine Fabric Cleaning and Paper Machine Deposit Control.
  10. DuPont Co., Wilmington, DE, USA
  11. Eastman Chemical Co., USA
  12. Georgia-Pacific Corp., Augusta, GA, USA  (Bought by Nalco Water)
  13. Glassve, C.V., Venezuelan
  14. Hansol Chemicals, Seoul, Korea
  15. Hongye Chemical Co., Ltd., Henan, China
  16. Huntsman Corp., Salt Lake City, UT, USA
  17. Kemira Chemical Oy, Helsinki, Finland
  18. Lamberti s.p.a. Italy
  19. Michelman Inc., Cincinnati, OH, USA
  20. Mississippi Lime Co., Alton, IL, USA
  21. National Starch &Chemical Co., Bridgewater, NJ, USA
  22. Nalco Chemical Co., Naperville, IL, USA (Now EcoLab)
  23. Occidental Chemical Corp. (OxyChem), Dallas, TX, USA
  24. Olin Chlor Alkali Products, USA
  25. Petrofer Chemie, Germany
  26. Praxair Distribution, Inc., USA
  27. Quantum Technologies, Inc., Twinsburg, OH, USA
  28. Reichhold Chemical Inc., USA
  29. Rohm &Hass Co., Philadelphia, PA, USA
  30. Solvay S.A., Brussels, Belgium
  31. Songkang Ind. Co. Ltd., Seoul, Korea
  32. Tate & Lyle Plc., (A.E.Staley Manufacturing Co., Decatur, IL, USA)



  1. Vinings Industries Inc. Acquired by Kemira Oyj.
  2. Kemira Oyj establishes Kemira Chemicals, Inc. to service North America.
  3. Calgon &Aquazur merged with Nalco
  4. Bayer and CIBA acquired a portion of Paper Chemical business of Cytec.

  • DYES
  1. Americos Industries Inc, Ahmedabad, Gujrat, India
  2. Archroma Management LLC (Packaging and Paper Specialities), Switzerland
  3. C. Lever Co., Bansalem, PA, USA
  4. Day Glo Color Corp., Cleveland, OH, USA
  5. Hollindia International BV, The Netherlands
  6. Jagson Colorchem Ltd., Ahmedabad, India
  7. Krishna Industries, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
  8. Organic Dyestuffs Corp., East Providence, RI, USA
  9. Phoenix Colours, Mumbai, India
  10. Raj Chemicals Ltd., Hong Kong.
  1. Amberger Kaolinwerke Eduard Kick GmbH & Co. KG, Germany
  2. Ashapura Group of Industries, India (Kaolin Clay)
  3. Cristal Global, Hunt Valley , MD, USA
  4. Hollindia International BV, The Netherlands
  5. Huaian Feiyang Titanium Dioxide Co., Ltd., Jiangsu, China
  6. Imerys, Roswell, GA, USA
  7. Kemira Pigments Oy, Helsinki, Finland
  8. Minerals Technology Inc., (Specialty Minerals), New York, USA
  9. Pluss – Staufer AG (Omya), USA
  10. Thiele Kaolin Co., Sandesville, GA, USA


  1. ECC International, Dry Branch Kaolin and Rio Capim Caulim merged in to Imerys.

  1. AB Enzymes GmbH, Darmstadt, Germany (Pulp Bleaching Enzymes)
  2. Abstract Chemicals, Ahmedabad, Gujrat, India (Various chemicals)
  3. Ace Chemical Products Ltd.
  4. Amazon Papyrus Chemicals (hong Kong) Ltd., Hong Kong, China
  5. AMCOL Paper Technologies(Now Minerals Technology), New York, USA  (Retention, drainage & formation aid)
  6. American Casein Co., Burlington, NJ, USA – (Casein)
  7. Arjun Chemicals, Chennai, India (Fortified Rosin)
  8. Arakawa Chemical Industries Ltd., Japan (Various resins)
  9. Aurora Specialty Chemistries, Lansing, MI, USA ( Polymers & resins)
  10. Avebe Paper, The Netherland (Wet-end, Surface sizing & coating starch)
  11. Belami Fine Chemicals Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai, India (Defoamer)
  12. Bercen Inc., Cranston, RI, USA (Defoamer, Dispersants, Sizing agent, thickener)
  13. BIM Kemi AB, Stenkullen, Sweden
  14. Blackburn Chemical Ltd , UK (Defoamer)
  15. CEL Chemical, Inc, Piedmont, SC, USA (Adhesives)
  16. Ceresan Erfurt Gmbh, Germany (Cationic additive for wet end)
  17. ChemStation International, Dayton, OH, USA
  18. ChemTreat, Inc., Richmond, VA, USA – (Water Treatment Chemical)
  19. Dyadic International Inc., FL, USA (Enzymes)
  20. Dynea Oy, Helsinki, Finland – (CMC)
  21. Eldardo Chemical Co., Inc., San Antanio, TX, USA
  22. Emsland Group, Germany (Modified Starch)
  23. Emtech, Korea (Defoamers and other speciality chemicals)
  24. Enzyme Development Corp., NY, USA
  25. Equistar Chemicals (A Lyondell Co.), Cincinnati, OH, USA (Resin, Polypropylene)
  26. Finor Piplaj Chemicals Limited, Mumbai, India (Biocides, AKD, Retention Aids)
  27. Fluoron Inc., Elkton, MD, USA (Roll surface cleaning and releasing chemicals)
  28. FMC Industrial Chemical Group, Philadelphia, PA, USA (H2O2 etc.)
  29. FQE Chemicals, Calgary, AB, Canada & Houston, TX, USA
  30. Green Chem Coating, Bishop, GA, USA (Sizing Chemicals)
  31. Harper/Love Adhesive Corp., Charlotte, NC, USA – (Adhesive for corrugating)
  32. Ingredion Inc., Westchester, IL, USA (wet end additives)
  33. Intace S.A., Paris, France (Fungicides biocides and dispersants)
  34. IVAX Paper Chemicals Ltd., Hyderabad, AP, India ( Sizing, Retention & others)
  35. Kemso Ltd., Finland  (Defoamer, Antiscalants, detergent, barriers etc.)
  36. Kukdo Chemical Co. Ltd., Korea
  37. Kun Yang Chemical Co. Ltd., Korea
  38. Laviosa Chimica Mineraria S.p.A., Livorno, Italy
  39. Lonza Inc., Fair Lawn, NJ, USA – (Slimicides)
  40. MetGen Oy, Finland (Enzymes for various application in Pulp & Paper)
  41. Nopco Paper Technology (Now Solenis Co.) (Additives)
  42. Nordson Corp., Westlake, OH, USA (Hot Melt Adhesives)
  43. Paradigm Chemical & Consulting, Acworth, GA, USA (ASA size)
  44. Plasmine Technology Inc., Pensacola, FL, USA (Internal and surface sizing chemicals)
  45. PQ Corp. (National Silicates), Malvern, PA, USA (sodium and potassium silicates and its derivatives
  46. Roquette Freres, France (Starch)
  47. Sam Shin Chemical Co., South Korea ( Fluorescent whitening agent, Wet strength & sizing agent)
  48. Sixin, Nanjing, China (Antifoan/Defoamer)
  49. Spectrum Chemicals & Laboratory Equipment, Gardena, CA, USA (With over 12,000 fine chemicals to choose from, offer one of the largest assortments of fine and bulk chemicals available.)
  50. The Way, Inc., Picayune, MS, USA
  51. Weifang Yuexiang Chemical Co., Ltd., China (Enzyme)
  52. Western Polymer Corp., Moses Lake, WA, USA – (Wet end starch)
  1. ReAgent, UK