Organizing a Rave Party

A dance party with hip-hop electronic music and light is usually called a rave party. In this type of parties DJs and other performers play rave song with the laser light show, projected images and artificial smog.

To organize a rave party you have to host a suitable area for it. A rave can be inside or outside but make sure you have an area big enough to accommodate all the ravers. Keep in mind, this will be a loud party and no one likes the cops coming over to tell you to turn the music down. Make sure the place is dark, as it adds to the effect of the lights. Stay away from the boisterous and rambunctious types as well; neither are desirable. Also, keep seating to a minimal, preferably in a separate room, to discourage people from being inactive.

Raves were punctuated with neon, fluorescent, graffiti-styled artwork. You can easily create this same feeling by covering the walls with contractor’s Kraft paper huge rolls are available at Home Depot and other home repair/hardware stores for very little cost, which have been painted or spray-painted in funky graffiti.

Apparently, the most important component of this party is the sound system and the dance music. Your teens will have all their favorite music on their iPods. Rather than hire a DJ to select the songs, rent a couple of good speakers and a sound board when you pick up the projector light show.

Your food and beverage space should be separate from the dance area, to provide a quiet respite for tired guests. Provide 5 – 10 gallon thermal tubs (like the ones used on the sidelines of NFL games) of iced water and iced lemonade. Keep stacks of paper cups next to the thermal containers, and place several large trash or recycle cans nearby to catch the paper refuse. Trays of store-bought cookies, candies, and chips or pretzels should be the only food needed to round out your offering.

To dress up for the rave party be comfortable in whatever you decide to wear. Rave parties go on all night, so you don’t want to have shoes cutting into your ankles and straps that keep falling off our shoulders. Ask your friends what they are wearing. This is a good way to judge how your dress for the night. Wear shoes you can dance in. If you can’t dance in heels, leave them at home. Even comfortable shoes can be hard to move in. Think about the venue when you get dressed for the evening. An outdoor party will mean dirt and mud, so it’s probably a good idea to leave your designer clothes at home. Try to wear something that will work at breakfast the next morning in case you decide to grab a bite to eat with friends. You want to be just as comfortable with your clothes after the rave as you are while you are at it.

Source by Manny Charro Ramirez

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