Moving Scrap Metal With a Magnet Generator

There are many choices when it comes to buying a Magnet Generator. These pieces of equipment are a must for any scrap yard owner, recycling center, railroad maintenance, and other business that has to deal with any kind of scrap metal. These generators come in many different sizes and voltage capacities and some are even “portable”.

Gone are the days of having to use bulky machinery and man power for moving large pieces of scrap metal such as cars, household appliances, engine blocks, truck axels, etc. Most are capable of actually lifting the scrap metal from the yard and placing it on a vehicle to be transported elsewhere. There are also portable machines that allow for easier moving from one location to another.

A Magnet Generator comes in many sizes, weights and voltage capacities. With magnet sizes up to 66″ and maximum voltage up to 20kw there is sure to be a magnet that will fit any businesses’ needs. Most generators have a “plug and play” design. Simply plug in the auxiliary hydraulics and case drain connection and the magnet is ready to start “scrapping”. Operating one of these is as simple as engaging the normal auxiliary hydraulics. Many models also come with an optional hands-free remote control.

A Magnet Generator provides a reliable and stable supply of power to the equipment it is attached to. The generator converts the power of the equipment it is connected to and turns it into energizing electricity. Since magnetic generators provide a reliable source of power the risk of serious injury and death are decreased. Most units come with built-in safety features that will automatically shut the generator down in case of any type of power interference.

A Magnet Generator is small enough so that the pilot has full view of his surroundings. Yet another great feature of this type of scrap metal tool! The pilot no longer has to worry about power failure because these units do not run on fuel. Small as they may be; magnet generators have awesome lifting power and are stable enough to provide added protection for the yard workers. Yard workers are at a reduced risk of harm from falling objects thanks to these generators.

For any business looking to find a Magnet Generator to assist them in moving their scrap metal; there are many resources on the internet where they can find out everything they need to know in order to decide which type of generator is best for their particular job.

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