Kadant to Supply Pulp Thickening Systems to Shanying’s facilities in China

Beijing, China — Kadant Fiberline (China) Co. Ltd., a subsidiary of Kadant Inc. (NYSE:KAI), announced it received an order to supply multiple direct discharge disk filters to Shanying International Holdings Co., Ltd. for pulp thickening. Eight disk filters will be installed at Zhejiang Shanying Paper’s facilities in Jiaxing City, China. The others will be installed at Guangdong Shanying Paper in Zhaoqing City, China. These new pulp thickening systems are scheduled to start up in 2022.

The direct discharge disk filter is a vacuum thickener designed to operate in challenging conditions with OCC furnish. The direct disk filter is optimal for stock thickening and water return/channeling, removing water from pulp slurry running up to 1.5% feed consistency. The direct disk filter retains most of the fibers allowing the filtrate water to be reused without carrying fibers that have already gone through the process.

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