Is It Possible to Increase Your Height With Exercises?

There are many height increase exercises you can perform to help your body get taller. The main exercises to concentrate on is strengthening your core muscles and to practice good posture.

Poor posture is a problem that you can work on. Once your posture improves, so does your height. Practice good posture by keeping your head and shoulders erect without stooping or looking downward or leaning your head too far back. Make sure that your chin is parallel with the ground, and that your hips are even. Practicing good posture is one of the most effective height increase exercises.

Another method to use in conjunction with practicing good posture is core exercises. By toning and firming up your midsection muscles, it will help you get better posture which in turn will make you appear taller. In reality you are taller, because you are no longer stooping forward when you are walking or standing. Increasing your core strength will also help to alleviate back pain.

Another fun way to increase your core strength is to use an exercise ball. There are numerous exercises you can do with an exercise ball to increase core strength. One of the more popular ways is to lay on the ball with your stomach on the ball, and then attempt to balance your body with your hands and feet extending straight out. Initially it is very hard, but you will get better at it. The more you work with an exercise ball, the more likely you are to develop strong core muscles. Strong core muscles will help your posture, which will make you appear taller.

One of the best stretching exercises for people who want to increase their height is to simply hang off of a bar. Use a pull-up bar, but instead of trying to lift your body up, you simply grab on and hang onto the bar. It is imperative that you properly stretch first. The more you hang on a bar then the stronger your muscles and tendons get. The increased flexibility of your tendons will allow you to fully fill your height.

Another great way to increase your height is to use a rebounder, which is a mini trampoline. The negative g forces at the top of your jump will reduce pressure on your spine and gradually elongate it.

By doing these height increase exercises daily or even every other day, you will be sure to see some results. Even if you don’t actually get any taller, your posture and overall fitness will be much improved.

Source by Jason McKenzie

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