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hubergroup’s new oxygen barrier varnish

With the new oxygen barrier varnish, versatile meals packaging (e.g. for nuts) may be produced from mono-material. (Source: ©sogmiller –

Recyclable packaging options are more and more in demand. However, as a consequence of a fancy requirement profile, versatile meals packaging typically consists of mixtures of various movies and is, subsequently, tough to recycle. That is the place hubergroup Print Solutions’ new HYDRO-LAC GA Oxygen Barrier Varnish is available in. It protects the packaged meals from oxygen and thus permits mono-material packaging. Consequently, it’s simpler to recycle and may be returned to the fabric cycle.

“Conventional versatile meals packaging typically consists of a number of laminated movie layers of various chemical natures. Each fulfils a particular operate – one in every of which is the safety towards oxygen,” explains Dr Ralf Büscher, Senior Expert Projects Flexible Packaging at hubergroup. “However, packaging that consists of a number of plastics can’t be recycled in any respect or solely with nice effort.”

Ein Folienprobe mit Barrierelack wird für die Messung der OTR in die Messzelle eingelegt.

That is the place hubergroup’s new oxygen barrier varnish comes into play. It permits meals producers to make use of pure, so-called mono-materials for his or her packaging. To do that, they use movie laminates fabricated from the identical polymers (normally polypropylene or polyethylene), between which they apply the oxygen barrier varnish. An OTR (oxygen transmission price) of lower than 10 cubic centimetres of oxygen per sq. metre and day may be achieved below industrial situations, when utilizing polypropylene. Oxygen-sensitive meals comparable to muesli or nuts are thus excellently protected against atmospheric oxygen in fashionable, recyclable packaging. Dr Lutz Frischmann, Global Product Director Flexible Packaging at hubergroup: “Through progressive options comparable to our new barrier varnish, we will contribute to a round financial system along with our prospects.”

In 2021, hubergroup has already launched a water barrier varnish that protects paper packaging from moisture. With the launch of the oxygen barrier varnish, the worldwide printing ink specialist is now pushing the event of sustainable barrier varnishes even additional.

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