How to Increase the Brightness of Your Laptop Screen

Do you struggle to clearly see your laptop display because it isn’t bright enough? Have you ever wondered how to increase the brightness of your laptop screen? Most people will, especially if you’ve been looking at the screen for a long time. You might need your laptop for work, or maybe it’s just a treat for your free time, but having an incorrect display can put a great strain on your eyes. Thankfully though there are a few little tricks to help improve your laptop screen brightness.

1. Step 1

You can easily alter the appearance of your screen by carefully choosing your desktop wallpaper image. Try setting your display to a dark image which has a high contrast with the rest of your theme. Spend a little time to let your eyes get used to the dark image, and then open up a word processor document or launch your web browser. These programs predominately have white or light coloured backgrounds, and hence will appear brighter to you.

This trick works on the principle of the optical illusion created by your eyes becoming used to the dark image. You can also test out this principle by staring at a black piece of paper for a long time, and then looking at a white piece of paper. The white paper will appear much more bright and crisp.

2. Step 2

Of course your laptop will have the ability to increase or decrease the brightness, so many people may wonder why not to just turn the brightness up to full. Well, it’s the same theory mentioned above: your eyes become accustomed to the brightness, and over time you feel as though you need even more brightness. Another nice way to overcome this is to actually lower your laptop screen brightness for a couple of minutes or so, before turning it back up to the normal setting. This will give you a noticeable effect of increased brightness.

3. Step 3

One final tip that is really effective, and especially at night, is to use your laptop in a dark room without turning on the lights. This may seem obvious, but the contrast between your dark surroundings, and the brightness of the laptop screen really does help create a feeling of clarity. This way of working is also better for your eyes, as they do not have to focus on the objects in the room, the darkness means that your whole vision is concentrated on the screen, which makes the display seem much more vivid. This will also create a greater feeling of immersion and so is an excellent way to play games as well.


So as you can see there are a number of little tricks and cheats that you can do to make your laptop display seem much brighter than it actually is. These tips can help to stop the tension headaches and migraines that you may suffer from because of eye strain.

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