Household Fuel and Traditional Fuel – What is Their Differences?

In household we make use of certain modern fuel like LPG, natural gas, kerosene (for cooking), biogas, gasoline or electricity (for cooking). Solid fuels are mainly wood, charcoal, coal, and dung. In developing countries like India, fuel and energy are very important for the welfare of households.

Using a source of energy for lighting and cooking is very essential to human life and part of what first defined the human race as separate from animals during pre-historic times. Even today, many people are dependent on traditional biomass fuels for cooking and on certain inefficient and costly sources of light such as candles and kerosene. The greatest advantage that bio energy fuel has is that it is converted from freely occurring combustible biomass. Bio energy fuel is renewable, eco friendly, has sustainability and can be grown.

It is very vital to improve access to modern energy sources such as electricity for light and appliances and clean cooking technologies.

It is reciprocal to other goals of development such as improving health and education.

Purchase of energy takes a significant portion of poor people’s budgets, and collection of household cooking fuels often absorbs a substantial amount of time for women and children.

Effective lighting is crucial for good performance in education since it enables studying at night. Clean cooking fuels are very much vital to combat the high levels of indoor air pollution that has encountered whenever traditional solid fuels are used for cooking or heating.

The use of modern household fuel and energy can definitely improve the productivity in numerous ways. There are many policies available that focus on either inducing a healthier fuel option or on making a clean and safe use of biomass. For instance making use of improved stoves or having better ventilation in the cooking area. You can have a pollution free household and stay healthy for long.

Source by Arunsi Jeremiah

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