GTD: What Exactly Is "Getting Things Done"?


Have you ever suspected that you could be more productive?

Would your life be improved if you could get more things done, in less time?

If you’re nodding your head, then you may be interested in David Allen’s productivity system, called Gettings Things Done (or GTD for short).

You may have heard about GTD, but not researched it yet. It has a cult following on the internet, particularly with bloggers.

So what exactly is Getting Things Done?

GTD is a system- a way of thinking, and a set of practices – which will help to make you more productive.

Not only that, but it will also allow you to relax, and have more fun as well.

But wait… there are hundreds of ‘productivity systems’ out there, so why should you bother with GTD?

Well, there are 4 unique points about GTD that are making is so popular…

1. It’s Simple To Adopt…

Many systems require a big up-front investment of effort, just to set them up. Not so with GTD. You can get started today! You also don’t need to start doing everything at once- you’ll benefit from just doing a part of GTD, such as keeping your inbox empty, without trying to do the whole thing at once.

2. It’s Easy To Use…

Many systems are great, while you’re using them. But you need to be on top of your game to maintain them. As soon as you get busy, tired or sick – WHOOSH – your productivity system goes out the window.

GTD isn’t complicated, and it adapts to how you want to use it, so you won’t have problems maintaining it.

3. It Works Equally Well At Work And At Home…

Some systems focus on making you effective at work, but neglect all the other things going on in your life. GTD considers the whole picture. It’s no longer considered silly to put those little tasks, such as finally fixing that broken doorknob, alongside that big important project at work.

In fact, David Allen actively encourages using GTD in all parts of your life, because there is no point in being a productivity perfectionist at work, if you health is wasting you away, your home looks like it’s about to fall down, and your marriage is teetering on the rocks.

4. It works, even excels, when you’re busy and under stress.

Some systems require a lot of up-front planning, but as soon as your day changes (a meeting is called, an emergency at home), your plan is just plain useless. GTD gives you the flexibility to stay productive under the toughest circumstances, because it adapts to whatever is happening.

GTD is very easy to learn, and you can find a lot of information about it for free on the internet. To find out more, first check out David Allen’s website at, and then try one of the many GTD tools available on the market.


Source by Dan Fletcher

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