Give Your Teams the Gift of Productivity

Does finding the right gift to say thank you to team members really have to be hard for you? If you are an individual or someone representing an organization that is looking for a unique gift to give employees, vendor teams, or customer groups, don’t overlook the easiest and often best solution. What can possibly be easy about shopping for a diverse group of people?

What could be the best gift solution to fit multiple needs? For an easy gift idea, you should consider ordering multiple copies of a relevant business book and then giving it with a note of thanks for past accomplishments or services along with hopes for the future. Giving books mean no dietary requirements or individual tastes for you to have to consider. This makes the shopping easier and the giving simpler for you, especially if you order on-line and direct ship to the final destination.

Giving a book sounds easy enough, but there are so many books out there to choose from. How do you choose which book is the best option to give? Start by considering whether you want to give individual or group gifts. If you want to give a gift that the whole team can use, consider a book that has samples and forms the group can use to make their jobs easier. For example “R.A!R.A! A Meeting Wizard’s Approach” (ISBN 1-4196-5367-9) has meeting planning and follow-up forms, as well as tips on how to handle common problems that occur in meetings. If the team is fairly new and needs team-building or has existed for a while but needs a jump-start to get going again, then consider a book of team-building activities. This way they can add a few minutes of fun and learning into their regular meetings. “The Big Book of Team Building Games” by Newstrom and Scannell (ISBN 0-07-046513-4) may be one to consider for this purpose. A timer to keep them on track during team meetings would be a good complement to either book. If a gift basket is desirable, review the books to get ideas for other items that may be included along with the timer and book.

If individual gifts are desired instead of something for the entire team, consider the previously mentioned books for group leaders, team facilitators, or managers. For other individuals, consider books on time management, goal setting, giving presentations, or project management. A variety of books may be a nice option for individual team members. With a variety of books, each book can rotate between members in order for everyone to build several new skills.

How do you select the best book for individual gift giving? A simple choice for selecting books is to give a book that someone you respect recommends or something by an author the recipient has mentioned as an expert. If you have no personal recommendations, another option you may use is getting choices by searching on for a particular topic to find classic or new release books based on their customer star-ratings. If you are selecting a book based on star ratings, be sure to read any on-line reviews to help verify the book will meet the intended purpose. If the purpose is to build self-confidence then the book should be instructional. If the purpose is self-actualization, then the book may be inspirational, motivational, or informative.

With the great selection of business books available, finding the right thank you gift for team members is now easier. Whether going to the bookstore or ordering on-line, giving a book makes saying thank you so much simpler. Remember when you are looking for a different kind of gift to give employees, vendor teams, or customer groups consider that giving a book to meet their needs is often the easiest and best solution.

Source by Shirley Lee

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