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Fagus-GreCon recommends infrared fire detection


Germany-based fire prevention and firefighting equipment company Fagus-GreCon has issued a white paper recommending its infrared detectors as a tactic to suppress fires in recycling facilities before they become major incidents.

In its 15-page white paper, the company says that spark and ember detection systems already are installed on hundreds of recycling facilities across the world (Fagus-GreCon says 300,000 of its detectors are deployed globally), but “there are hundreds more that could benefit from their use.”

States Fagus-GreCon, “Using infrared sensors to detect the kinetic energy irradiated from sparks, embers, and hot particles, the presence of ignition sources can be detected within the recycling process.”

The firm lists several locations within a plant where such sensors can be helpful, including “outfeed from conveyors, trommels, and dryers; transfer points between mechanical conveyors; [and] ducting in mud extraction techniques.”

Such detectors, says Fagus-GreCon “can determine a single spark or ember, permitting for mitigatory motion to be initiated earlier than a fire can take maintain.”

As to the size of the issue, Fagus-GreCon says within the United Kingdom alone, the National Fire Chiefs

Council (NFCC) reported greater than 4,300 waste or recycling facility fires between 2001 and 2013. More than three-quarters of those, says the agency, “had been on regulated websites [where] allowing regimes had been in place particular to the waste operations and installations.”

In the report, Fagus-GreCon notes lithium-ion batteries “proceed to current a problem in extinguishing or suppressing the [fire] danger they pose.” GreCon says it has expertise designing techniques to determine the place a detected ignition supply or fire outcomes from a battery in a thermal runaway situation, and it has labored with operators “to de-risk the downstream processes and storage areas.”


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