English Grammar Matters – Even For SEO

It does not matter whether you are a young child just starting to write, or you are a middle-aged woman writing a white paper on technology. In order to communicate with other human beings in an effective manner, it is extremely important to use proper grammar.

Many people grimace at the thought of learning proper grammar or even the thought of editing and polishing their own work for grammar errors, but imagine what the reader does who is unlucky enough to stumble upon a grammar error of yours! They will also cringe, and worse yet they will bounce away from your website and write you off as a hack. Even if you hate the thought of learning proper grammar and correcting your own work, it is imperative to recognize that this work MUST be completed before you publish your content.

The purpose of English grammar rules is to establish a recognizable framework for communication between people. Have you ever considered why these rules are in place? They were not invented to frustrate classrooms full of grade students, or to fill dictionaries with words. The rules of grammar and spelling were established to ensure that communication flows properly in spoken and written content. We arrange our thoughts in words and sentences that must be understood by others and as long as your readers have the same understanding of the rules, you will be able to communicate your message effectively. If you decide to break the rules out of complacency or laziness, your reader will not get your message in the way you intended.

Misunderstandings between people are often rooted in grammar issues. One of the best examples of this is the use of text messaging today. Because it is often easier to shorten a phrase or even a word, the message becomes diluted and the communication breaks down. There is no quick solution to the use of proper grammar and effective communication. It requires thought, and an acknowledgement of the basic rules of grammar and spelling, even when you sent a text message.

Some would suggest that English grammar should no longer be part of a school’s curriculum. This foolhardy approach to education would most certainly degrade the way in which people communicate with each other because without this education, standards would erode and new dialects and even new sub-languages would likely form within the population. Aside from this societal issue, there is also the issue of students who would be unaware of the culture and history of their own language. It is important for these students to understand why the mechanics and rules of grammar are in place. Eliminating the education of our students in the rules of grammar and spelling could very well be one of the most detrimental things we could ever do to future generations.

Thankfully, things have not degraded entirely yet, and the global use of the English language across the internet means that at present, your best recipe for success when writing SEO or other online content is to use proper grammar to ensure that your message is communicated in the way that you intend, every time.

Source by William H Addison

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