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Dispersing Agent for Paper Making

Dispersing agent is utilized in paper making course of as additive to supply uniform inventory by separating fiber or particles and to forestall clumping and setting. It is a polymer compound with excessive molecular weight. Normally it’s white high quality granulated powder. Dispersing agent is water soluble and has excessive viscosity in aqueous resolution. It is also called dispersant agent. Very low dosage (roughly 0.2kg to 5kg/ton) of it really works correctly for separation. There are various kinds of dispersant chemical compounds (akin to sodium salt of polyphosphate, polyacrylate or silicate) can be found out there however the anionic polyacrylamide could be very standard.

Dispersant agent

Effects of dispersing agent

The paper dispersant has excessive dispersion effectivity.

  1. It improves evenness, softness and viscosity of the pulp.
  2. It will increase the moist and dry energy and stiffness of the paper.
  3. It makes the ultimate paper product extra uniform formation, easy and versatile with out creating any pinholes. It improves the opacity, brightness and printability of paper.
  4. The Dispersing agent additionally improves the machine velocity and improve manufacturing. It reduces power consumption and save pulp beating time.
  5. Overall, it has economical advantages.

Usage and preparation

Temperature and stirring time is essential for the effectiveness of the dispersant agent. The longer stirring time will harm the motion of this agent. Always use freshly ready aqueous dispersant resolution; in any other case it’s going to lose its dispersing impact after one or two days. The small quantity of this chemical can works correctly. The precise dosing of it might range is dependent upon the varied paper product (printing paper, writing paper, tissue paper, newsprint paper, paper board). It could also be 0.2kg to 5kg/ton. Use correct quantity of the dispersant agent. If you employ much less quantity then it won’t works correctly. On the opposite hand, excessive dosing will create pointless waste.

Mechanism of Dispersant agent

The dispersing agent mustn’t a barrier for utilizing different paper making assist or it shouldn’t be affected by different brokers. It has a floor stress exercise. It will moist the stable particles, which is advantageous for the dispersion of the fibers, fillers and different stable particles. The dispersing agent creates a unfavourable attraction between particles thus reduces the interplay among the many particles and due to this fact the fibers, fillers and different stable particles stays individually within the colloidal system which has a greater stream properties. Then the uniform inventory stays secure for longer time. The dispersant agent is broadly utilized in numerous paper making course of like writing and printing paper tissue paper, newsprint paper, paper boards and many others.

Dispersing agent mechanism


The specification of Dispersing agent for paper making could also be as comply with:

  1. Physical Appearance: Powder.
  2. PH (1% Dilution): 6- 10.
  3. Solubility: readily soluble in chilly & heat water.
  4. Effectiveness:- Must be efficient for dispersing of the pulp fiber bundles in each acid sizing & alkaline sizing.
  5. Self life: To be declared by bidder.
  6. Moisture:  ≤1.0%

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