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Are you a good business person, good sportsman, good planner? Do you like doing things efficiently? When you are sitting down or lying down, are you planning what you will be doing when you get up? Do some of your friends call you stubborn? Do some of your underlings say you drive them too hard?

If you have said yes to two or more of these questions, it is very likely that you are a choleric personality.


The choleric personality is extroverted, principle centered, and primary. This makes a personality that spends a lot of time with people, governs decisions by principles, and acts quickly and decisively. The choleric personality is often called “powerful choleric,” because people who are choleric exude a sense of confidence, power, and strength. They believe in the ideal; they believe in themselves; they believe in others when they don’t get in the way of themselves or the idea. The choleric person is a born leader, someone who takes an idea and makes it happen in an organized and effective manner.


Effectiveness and Productivity: a doer. For the choleric, being productive and efficient is highly important. The choleric naturally likes to work. There is never a dull moment. The choleric has a quick intelligence and organizes well. They find practical solutions. They apply themselves, and they organize others in a way that they apply themselves effectively too. If a choleric is entrusted with a project, he gets the job done. Efficiency and quality guaranteed.

Leadership. Cholerics are natural leaders. They are ideal oriented, and they are inspiring. A choleric can take on a project, a business, a plan, and convince others to dedicate themselves to it as well. A person of vision, the choleric is also good at foreseeing opportunities.

Determination: The Choleric will see things through till the end. They give completely of themselves to make their ideals happen.

Dynamism: lots of ideas, lots of action.

Optimism: A positive thinker, the choleric sees all things as possible, and makes them possible. Remember: an obstacle is an opportunity, a problem is a chance to solve something, etc. Cholerics do not get discouraged, and they are able to motivate others.

Justice: Cholerics are intent on righting the wrongs in life. They fight for causes, and they fight for justice in all causes.

Passion: Cholerics throw themselves fully into everything they do. They live intensely, work intensely, and love intensely.


Some of the choleric’s weaknesses are the strengths brought to a negative extreme:

Stubborness: the choleric sometimes applies his strong will in the wrong direction and becomes hard headed.

Unwillingness to admit mistakes: Cholerics have a lot of natural qualities and… they know it. They can be over-confident, and unwilling to see their own mistakes. For a choleric, the hardest thing in the world is to say three words: “I am wrong.” Cholerics tend to see their own mistakes as defects in others. For example, an impatient choleric considers his impatience to be the fault of the person he lost patience with. If the other person had done everything right, the choleric wouldn’t have needed to lose patience, right? So it’s not the choleric person’s fault. Cholerics reading character descriptions often end up saying that they come closest to being choleric, but don’t quite understand it: they have all the strengths, and none of the weaknesses!

Bossy or impatient: Cholerics know how “to do things right,” and often think they exist to teach others how to do things right. Teaching what is right when it’s not called for translates into being bossy, and instinctively knowing what’s right turns into being impatient with those who don’t.

Argumentative: A choleric personality is convinced they are right and will keep going, and going, and going, to convince everyone else. If debate doesn’t work, they often turn to argument.

Inflexible: Cholerics are principle centered. While this gives them drive, justice, and a lot of positive characteristics, it also makes them inflexible. The goal the number one. People are put second, or third or fourth, depending on how many goals the choleric is focused on. People can be put aside, or trampled over as the choleric runs for the goal.

Plan for Improvement:

1. Slow down. Take time to hear other people, to see what is going on around you. Take time to think things through more before starting to act… not just to see the best way to do things, but to see how it will affect others. How will it affect your boss or underlings, your family, your friends? Taking a few minutes to reflect about others, and time to see that there’s more in life than just work can help the cholerics, letting their strengths come to the fore and have more of an impact.

2. See your own weaknesses. Choleric personalities are so goal oriented and productive at all costs that they have the best chance at self-improvement. But sometimes, blinded by the idea that they are perfect, the cholerics are last to jump on the train of improvement. They think they don’t need it… so, they stay with their old weaknesses. If a choleric is willing to see his weaknesses and call them by name, they will go far.

Note: These are two general, overall steps. Each person needs to see individually how to apply this, and what other personal points to work on.

Source by Ellen McCormick

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