China is buying Goods Made in the U.S.A. – Scrap Paper

The U.S. trade deficit with China is huge. For the most part, it’s a one-sided affair. We buy Chinese goods. There are some goods, however, that China actually requires from us. Some of the categories are:

1. Aircraft and parts

2. Metal

3. Semiconductor devices

4. Scrap paper and pulp

5. Hides and fur

Now if you are in one of these industries, you should be experiencing a greater demand for your products. One of the surplus areas really surprised me – Scrap paper. Shredded documents, our waste by-product, are purchased by China in the Millions of Dollars.

According to Maurice “Big Moe” Colontonio Jr., a third-generation paper recycler in West Berlin, NJ, ‘If it weren’t for export, the recycling industry would collapse in this country … Prices would plummet.” More than one hundred US paper mill companies have closed in the last ten years. This means there is less demand for recycled products here at home.

While China and other countries are building paper mills, they lack the basic ingredient to geed them – forests. Colontonio ships ten percent of Tab Paper’s volume to China. The Chinese mills use this product to create tissue paper, toilet paper, corrugated and other paper products.

When you consider that the US purchases a significant amount of goods from China, it is certainly possible we are getting our product back in the form of packaging for those goods. So the scrap paper we ship to China, returns to us in another form. Since our paper mills have closed for lack of business, I am glad to see that we are regaining some of it in another way.

Source by Nancy Woodward

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