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Chiggers are the Worst |

How to Protect your self from Chiggers whereas Hunting

Chiggers are nasty little bugs, and once I say little, I imply tiny.  When they chew you they go away the most irritating, scratchy chew you possibly can think about.  Most folks suppose these bugs are invisible, however when you have got plenty of them on you unexpectedly, you possibly can clearly see them.  Hunters sporting darkish garments not often see chiggers , however when you are sporting mild garments the purple shade of the chiggers is clearly seen.  Sometimes, they appear to swarm up on you and when this occurs, don’t panic.

Chiggers are tiny larvae from the arachnid (spider) household. They are known as chiggers, the purple menace and typically purple bugs.  Most folks by no means discover when a chigger is on them or when the chigger bites them, however the response over the subsequent 24 hours and past is sufficient to drive you loopy.  Chiggers are present in tall weeds and grasses, forests, farms, grass lawns, ponds, lakes and climbing trails.  I’ve even seen them on the fringe of concrete patios.  Chigger are lively in any respect temperatures above 60˚F (16˚C) and so they die at temperatures beneath 42˚F (6˚C).  In the Spring, I pray for late season chilly snaps and in the Fall I hope for early season chilly snaps to kill off chiggers. 

Where do Chiggers Live?

Walking into the outside is the good to get bitten by chiggers.  Chiggers hang around on the grasses and leaves of vegetation and crawl throughout leaves on the floor.  They love moist, shady places full of plenty of leaves.  If it’s scorching and dry, you could not discover chiggers, but when there’s shade and moisture you possibly can wager they are going to be round.  I’ve them in my yard. They love the space round our compost bins and our gardens as effectively in the grass.  Chiggers brush off onto your garments and switch themselves onto your pores and skin and crawl up your legs.  They can simply crawl up your boots, socks, pores and skin or pants.  They are incessant. 

How to Prevent Chiggers from biting you?

The finest approach to shield your self from chiggers is to stop their potential to outlive in your physique.  We suggest the Ranger Ready P2 Pak for the final one-two punch in opposition to chiggers, mosquitoes, black flies and ticks.  The P2 Pak accommodates a bottle of Ranger Ready’s Permethrin 0.5%, to spray on your whole garments, in addition to a bottle of their Picaridin 20% to use on your whole uncovered pores and skin.  We began utilizing Ranger Ready Repellents in late 2019 and located that utilizing the mixture of Permethrin on my clothes and equipment and Picaridin on all of my uncovered pores and skin made a right away influence. I’ve not been bitten by a chigger once I’ve used Ranger Ready’s Permethrin and Picaridin in the final two years despite the fact that my time in the outside has elevated. 

How to get Chiggers Off

If you haven’t sprayed your self and your garments and also you imagine you have got gotten chiggers in your garments or pores and skin, the first step is to spray down with Picaridin.  Picaridin works like a mace to bugs like chiggers and ticks.  The subsequent step is to take off your garments in your storage or outdoors and put them right into a black trash bag. Then hit the bathe as shortly as you possibly can.  Soap and water do a strong job of eliminating these pests in your pores and skin.  After that, run your garments in the dryer at excessive warmth for 25 minutes earlier than throwing them into the washer for a full wash.  Once your garments are washed and dried, deal with them with Ranger Ready Permethrin 0.5% so that you are shielded from chiggers and different biting bugs in your subsequent journey.

How to deal with Chigger bites

Chiggers usually chew in teams and might keep latched to the similar spot for a number of days.  Bites get bigger over a number of days.  They latch onto folds of pores and skin or locations the place clothes suits tightly. This contains areas like ankles, waist, armpits, crotch or behind your knees.  Generally, you’ll not really feel a chigger chew till later when it begins to itch.  The need to itch is intense and bothersome.  If you are feeling you have got chigger bites, wash very strongly with cleaning soap and water and deal with with antiseptic and hydrocortisone cream.  Most probably you’ll be making use of cream a few occasions a day for a couple of week.


The solely blessing concerning chiggers is that they, not like different bugs like ticks and mosquitoes, don’t carry ailments that may be transferred to people.  The nice information is that chigger bites might be averted with cautious software of the Ranger Ready insect repellent. Pick up yours right this moment at and use code ‘HuntingLife10’ for 10% off.

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