Andritz to supply MDF fiber preparation system to Starwood in Turkey

Andritz has received a repeat order from Starwood Orman Urunleri Sanayi A.S. to supply the third complete fiber preparation system for its MDF production lines in İnegöl, Turkey. Start-up is scheduled for the end of 2022.

The scope of supply comprises a complete fiber preparation line, including the chip washing system and a pressurized refining system with a 64″ refiner, type S2064, for superior fiber production at minimum energy consumption. The new, state-of-the-art system will process a mixture of pine and beech wood chips.

Andritz has provided extensive service work and continuous upgrades for all lines at the İnegöl site- regardless of the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) – ever since 2014.

Starwood is one of the largest industrial companies in Turkey and produces around 2,000 m3 of MDF and 3,000 m3of chipboard per day. Among other business segments, the company is specialized in the production of thin MDF ranging from 1.5 to 8 mm.

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Nine Dragons Orders Five New BlueLine OCC Lines from Voith

Nine Dragons, Asia’s largest manufacturer of recycled containerboard, has commissioned Voith to deliver five BlueLine OCC stock preparation lines and two wet end process (WEP) systems for its plants in Malaysia and other regions. The overseas order is a full line supplied by Voith, featuring elevated process consistency and energy-conserving technologies. The new systems will have a total production capacity of 2.5 million tons per year and are scheduled to start up in 2022 and 2023.

As one of the largest paper manufacturers in the world, Nine Dragons ( is leading the industry in sustainable papermaking. With the technologically advanced production lines, Nine Dragons is able to continuously produce competitive and sustainable products. Voith’s OCC stock preparation portfolio is helping to reduce environmental impact and position the customer for strong sustainable growth. In 2020, five OCC lines were supplied by Voith and put into operation in China for Nine Dragons.

Over the past two years, Voith has provided more than 20 OCC lines in China, with a market share of more than 50%. To date, there are 70,000 stock preparation machines delivered worldwide by Voith.

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Kemira opens new R&D center in Shanghai, China

Kemira has opened its new APAC R&D center in Pujiang Town, Shanghai, China, to meet rapidly growing market demand and accelerate efforts to develop renewable, biodegradable and recycleable products in the Asian region.

With the state-of-the-art research and development capabilities, the 2,400 square meter R&D center will offer bleaching, sizing, polymers, coagulants and biomaterial expertise as well as application solutions to China and Asia Pacific markets. It serves Kemira’s paper and board customer base and supports Kemira’s water treatment growth initiatives in the region.

The new center works closely with Kemira’s Nanjing and Yanzhou sites in China and its Ulsan site in Korea to develop consistent production processes, source new raw materials and end products. It is an intergral part of Kemira’s global R&D network, in collaboration with other Kemira research centers based in Espoo (Finland), and in Atlanta (USA) to deliver innovation into global markets.

Kemira is a global leader in sustainable chemical solutions.

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Andritz successfully starts up stock preparation system at Vinda Personal Care in China

International technology group Andritz has successfully started up a stock preparation system supplied to Vinda Personal Care (Guangdong) Co., Ltd., as part of its tissue production at the mill in Yangjiang, Guangdong, China. With this new line, there are now more than 20 stock preparation systems from Andritz operating in different mills belonging to the Vinda Group.

The new system comprises specific lines for NBKP (Needle Bleached Kraft Pulp), LBKP (Leaf Bleached Kraft Pulp) and bagasse as raw material. Andritz installed the complete stock preparation system, with equipment for low-consistency (LC) pulping, low-consistency (LC) refining, high-consistency (HC) refining, the approach flow system, and broke handling. Two innovative 120 bdmt/d HC refining systems, each consisting of an Andritz Pulp Screw Press and an HC refiner, enable excellent processing of the special raw material mix and ensure superior tissue properties at a minimized NBKP content.

Vinda Personal Care (Guangdong), part of the Vinda Group, is one of the top four tissue producers in China.

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ANDRITZ to convert paper machine from newsprint to packaging paper production for Volga Pulp and Paper Mill, Russia

International technology Group ANDRITZ has received an order from Volga Pulp and Paper Mill in Balakhna, Nizhnij Novgorod Region, Russia, to supply a new OCC line as well as to convert its PM 6, a newsprint paper machine, to a packaging paper machine. Start-up is scheduled for the spring of 2023.

After the conversion, PM 6 will produce packaging paper from a unique mix of OCC and TMP fibers – a groundbreaking raw material composition for the production of packaging paper. Volga Pulp and Paper Mill is currently producing packaging paper from 100% TMP fibers and has now opted for this innovative solution to save resources. The rebuilt PM 6 will have an annual production capacity of 140,000 tons and a design speed of up to 720 m/min, producing lightweight fluting and testliner in the range of 65-120 gsm. The rebuild includes the paper machine approach flow system, the forming, press and dryer sections, including the steam and condensate system, a new PrimeFilm film press, some of the paper machine drives, as well as the complete tail threading system and the slitter rewinder.

The new OCC line will process local OCC (Old Corrugated Containers) and feature a capacity of 400 bdmt/d. ANDRITZ will supply all of the main equipment, from bale receiving to the dump chest, including a FibreFlow Drum pulper (type FFD350EE), which is a complete pulping system in one unit. The new drum pulper will ensure superior accept quality thanks to the gentle pulping concept and efficient removal of coarse contaminants with minimum fiber loss. Furthermore, the drum pulping technology is a perfect match for the upcoming changes in raw material and for furnish with increasing reject content. The OCC line will be delivered with an extended scope, including fractionation, screening, cleaning, and pumps as well as automation and electrification equipment with a DCS from ANDRITZ.

The ANDRITZ scope includes supervision of the mechanical installation work, commissioning, and start-up assistance.

In 2020, Volga Pulp and Paper Mill successfully started up a new TMP line supplied by ANDRITZ. This repeat order further strengthens the fruitful long-term relationship between the two companies.

CEO of Volga Pulp and Paper Mill Sergey Pondar says: “The smooth start-up of our TMP line one year ago convinced us that ANDRITZ would once again be the right partner for us. The conversion of PM 6 will be an even more ambitious project, especially in view of the tight time frame.”

JSC Volga is one of the largest Russian newsprint producers and mainly uses 100% TMP as furnish. The company is also one of the top 200 exporting companies in Russia, ranking among the top 50 companies in the Russian forestry industry and the top 100 companies in the Nizhnij Novgorod region.

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Kemira invests in new production line of ASA in Nanjing, China

Kemira announces a significant investment in the production of alkenyl succinic anhydride sizing agent (ASA) in China. ASA is one of the most effective and cost-efficient sizing agents for improving water-resistance in paper and packaging board.

This investment into an additional, third production line at the company’s state-of-the-art Nanjing site in the Jiangsu province, will expand Kemira’s ASA production capacity substantially. Earlier this year, Kemira announced the start-up of a new dry polymer production plant in Ulsan, South Korea.

“Kemira is the leading producer and supplier of ASA in the Asia Pacific region. We are committed to the industry and want to ensure security of supply and high quality products in the long term, supporting our customers’ expansion plans. The capacity ramp-up will take place during 2022-2023,” states Alexander Wahl, Director of the global sizing product line at Kemira.

Kemira is a global leader in sustainable chemical solutions.

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Bellmer to supply upgrades for Sappi’s kraft liner board machine at Ngodwana mill in South Africa

Bellmer to supply upgrades for kraft liner board machine at Sappi’s Ngodwana mill in South Africa. Sappi Ngodwana is an integrated Paper Mill producing kraft pulp and kraft liner board. It is located in Mpumalanga province, South Africa.

The KLB 1 produces 240.000 t/y of kraft liner board in basis weights between 140 – 400 g/m². The main scope of the investment is the KLB quality improvement and enabling of efficient production of lower basis weights. The production will be increased from today´s 240,000 t/y net at reel into 250,000 t/y in the 1st step. The further rebuild steps allow the production of 325,000 t/y up to 377,000 t/y.

The Bellmer’s scope of supply includes 3 new TurboJetter headboxes for all layers. The middle layer headbox will be provided with a dilution system to assure the best BW profiles. All layers will be upgraded with additional dewatering elements and vacuum control to increase the dewatering capacity and to improve the formation. This will be further enhanced by 2 new TurboShakers installed on the bottom and top layers along with new carbon fiber breast rolls. The press section will be upgraded with a new TurboPress XXL shoe press to assure the best dry content. The whole press section will be redesigned to allow the closed draws up to the 2nd dryer group and thus assuring the best operational efficiency. The 1st dryer group will be provided with a modern sheet stabilization system for best operational efficiency when producing lower basis weights at higher speeds. A new pulper will be installed after the press section.

The equipment delivery is planned for the end of 2021 with the commission and start-up scheduled during the 2Q 2022.

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Andritz to supply MDF production line for Kastamonu Entegre in Turkey

International technology Group Andritz has received the second order in a row from Kastamonu Entegre to supply a disc chipper and a pressurized refining system for its MDF production line in Balikesir, Turkey. Start-up of the new equipment is planned for the end of 2022.

The centerpiece of the new line will be the pressurized refining system, including a proven 24″ plug screw feeder and a high-capacity S2070M refiner that will process pine, beech and oak as raw material. All Andritz pressurized refining systems feature low consumption of electricity and thermal energy. The scope of supply also comprises a gravity-fed HQ-Chipper, a chip bin discharger and a 74″ digester as well as supervision of mechanical installation and start-up.

Kastamonu Entegre is already successfully operating an MDF production plant with pressurized refining system from Andritz in Russia and has decided to continue the cooperation with Andritz in Turkey. With supply of the new high-capacity pressurized refining system, Andritz will have supplied 16 installations to Turkey – eight of them equipped with a well-proven S-refiner.

Kastamonu Entegre, part of Hayat Holding, is specialized in the production of wood-based panels for the furniture, interior decoration, and construction industries.

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Project Star: Evaporation and white liquor plants are delivered by Valmet in Brazil

Valmet concluded on September 9th the delivery of the evaporation and white liquor plants in Project Star, the new Bracell’s dissolving pulp mill, located in Lençóis Paulista, state of São Paulo, Brazil. The delivery includes equipment of high technological level, in terms of technical, energy and environmental performance.

The black liquor evaporation plant has a capacity of 3.5 thousand tons of evaporated water per hour. The recausticizing plant will have a production of 31,000 cubic meters of white liquor per day and includes two lime kilns fueled by biogas, with production capacity of 1,200 tons per day, in addition to two biomass gasification plants with capacity of 87 thermal megawatts each.

The Valmet South America Pulp and Energy director, Fernando Scucuglia, celebrates the success in delivery schedule. ‘The evaporation and white liquor plants in Bracell’s line 2 will be the biggest plants of these technologies in operation in all over the world and the equipment installed call attention due their robustness and imposing. In addition, we will have the lime kilns fueled using biomass from the gasifiers. In other words, for the first time in South America, a plant of this size will not use fossil fuel, which makes us very proud as a company whose mission is to convert renewable resources into sustainable results’, explains Scucuglia. ‘The use of ‘biogas’ is a clean, economical solution that is connected to environmental ambitions of our customers and society. It works from the drying of biomass, gasification and burning in the lime kiln, including the controls, treatments and elimination of any gaseous pollutants’, adds the director.

About Bracell Bracell is one of the largest producers of dissolving pulp and special cellulose in the world, with two main operations in Brazil, one in Camaçari, Bahia, and other in Lençóis Paulista, São Paulo. In addition to its operations in Brazil, Bracell has an administrative office in Singapore and sales offices in Asia, Europe and the United States.

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Voith Sets Course for Development of Sustainable Packaging Papers with World’s Most Modern Pilot Coater

Eco-friendly alternatives to petroleum-based packaging have long been sought. An innovative and sustainable solution is the versatile barrier papers that are recyclable and ideally biodegradable. The coating process for these papers is demanding; in addition to the perfect application of one or more functional layers, the drying of the sometimes temperature-sensitive application media is a challenge.

Today, Voith officially unveils the world’s most modern pilot coater at an online grand opening event. Voith has extensively rebuilt its pilot coater at its Technology Center in Heidenheim, elevating it to the latest state of the art to meet the worldwide increase in customer interest in trials with barrier papers and flexible packaging solutions. For ideal results, the new pilot coater features expanded drying capacities, optimized web guiding and the latest automation technology and sensor systems.

“With the modernized pilot coater, Voith enables its customers to conduct extremely flexible pilot tests with different coating variants for all grades of specialty papers, packaging papers, board and graphic papers and with highly efficient drying. Customers can apply the knowledge gained directly to practical applications. By producing small batches for market tests or comparing different system concepts, our customers get a much higher planning reliability for possible future projects.”
Frank Opletal, CTO Voith Paper

18 different coating variants
A total of 18 different coating variants can be tested through the modularly designed coating stations. For example, the two SpeedSizer AT stations can be used not only for conventional film application but also as a size press or high-penetration SpeedSizer. In addition to the existing application methods with the SpeedSizers or the DynaCoat for roll or blade coating, the new DynaLayer is the most widely used option for highly functional barrier paper grades. Thanks to the compact curtain coating technology, up to three layers can be applied at the same time.

“With the rebuild of our pilot coater, we are significantly increasing flexibility.”
Uwe Fröhlich, Senior Manager R&D Pilot Operations at Voith

Highly efficient drying
Another important factor in the production of barrier paper, and also many other types of coated paper, is careful and precise drying. Over-drying carries the risk of bubbles forming in the coating layer, which can destroy the barrier properties. Under-drying, on the other hand, can also cause defects, especially if the coating layer has not yet completely dried when the paper passes through subsequent guide rolls. Therefore, Voith paid special attention to the drying technology when rebuilding the test coater.

“As part of the upgrade, we succeeded in implementing non-contact drying in the existing hall over a web length of more than 40 meters.”
Uwe Fröhlich, Senior Manager R&D Pilot Operations at Voith

Eight dryers, the last of which can also be used as a cooler, ensure that the coating is dried reliably. The infrared dryers used are equipped with the latest generation of infrared emitters the HelioX emitters which are characterized by high efficiency with comparatively low emissions. The compact design of the air dryer units enables stable drying conditions to be quickly set during trials. What makes the pilot coater unique is that the dryer hoods at the top and bottom can be heated separately depending on the requirements. Around 200 sensors for measuring drying-specific parameters and innovative automation technology enable a wide range of analysis and process control options.

In order to also include upstream or downstream process steps in the trials, the pilot coater can be combined with the XCal1 pilot calender. This makes it possible, for example, to specifically investigate the impact of precalendering on barrier properties. In addition, customers can test the recyclability of the developed papers on site at Voith’s Fiber Technology Center.

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