Anil Kamdar’s Technological Innovation – Automatic Buttonhole Stitching Machine

Anil Kamdar of Godhara, Gujarat, India had very little knowledge of designing machines when the idea of building a buttonhole stitching machine struck his mind. However his determination made him to study and observe the sewing machine’s parts and their connections more closely. By the time when he actually succeeded in making his desired buttonhole stitching machine, he had also developed ideas on improving various other processing of the sewing machine like a thread cutting, gear mechanism, better way to lubricate parts of the stitching machine. He was also able to find problems with the Japanese and American buttonhole stitching machines. He used all these knowledge to improve his own innovation.

How Anil Kamdar’s Buttonhole Stitching Machine is different

This grassroots innovation has multiple additional features:

  • The machine is fully automatic and can do 100-120 buttonholes per hour.
  • Its speed can be varied and has auto lubrication facility.
  • It has timer mechanism for easy shifting of gears for different stitch pattern and the gearbox for timer has been positioned to maximize the ease of operation.
  • Its cutter-unloader mechanism provides easier and accurate fault identification.
  • It has auto-stop mechanism to stop the machine when needle or thread break.
  • It has light mechanism for working in nights.
  • Its thread trimming, thread tension and spring-loaded material clamping system makes its thread handling quite easy.

Recognition and Support for Anil Kamdar’s Innovation

Anil had invested 4-5 lakhs rupees behind his dream in the hope that one day he would be able to make money and improve his financial condition using the new technology. Anil contacted the Gujarat government to sell his technology and since then GIAN (Gujarat Grassroots’ Innovation Augmentation Network) and its national level associate body, National Innovation Foundation (NIF) are supporting his innovation. GIAN has given financial assistance to Anil to modify and improve his innovation and has also filed a patent application for the innovation.

NIF has also awarded this grassroots technological innovation in its national biennial unaided green grassroots technological innovation and traditional knowledge competition. However, this stitching machine has a few limitations which is hampering in making it a commercial success viz. its size is big and noisy and its throughput is less compared to the latest computer controlled machines. NIF is using its network of supporting technical institutes to get the machine design optimized and overcome its limitations. NIF is simultaneously looking for entrepreneurs, interested in manufacturing the machine commercially.

Source by Ashish Kumar D

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