ANDRITZ to supply a major expansion of the OCC line to NORPAC

ANDRITZ will install a FibreFlow drum pulper, type FFD450EE, as well as various fiber cleaning and reject handling equipment to upgrade the existing OCC line and expand the mill’s production of lightweight recycled packaging papers. The stock preparation system features a capacity of 1,200 bdmt/d and processes a mix of OCC and mixed waste as raw material.

The FibreFlow Drum pulper is a complete pulping system in one unit and ensures best accept quality thanks to the gentle pulping concept and efficient removal of coarse contaminants with minimum fiber loss.

The new drum pulper was ordered in advance, recently arrived at the port of Longview and is currently being moved to the NORPAC mill. “We’re excited to reach a big milestone in our work to achieve our vision of opening new markets, providing low-carbon, recycled packaging papers and retaining our talented, innovative workforce,” said NORPAC CEO Craig Anneberg. “The new FibreFlow drum is up to the tough job of keeping wastepaper out of landfills and turning it into new, recycled products – that’s good for jobs and our environment. I’m also pleased NORPAC can support our local economic recovery in real-time with construction jobs that will make our new facility operational.”

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