Andritz successfully starts up stock preparation system at Vinda Personal Care in China

International technology group Andritz has successfully started up a stock preparation system supplied to Vinda Personal Care (Guangdong) Co., Ltd., as part of its tissue production at the mill in Yangjiang, Guangdong, China. With this new line, there are now more than 20 stock preparation systems from Andritz operating in different mills belonging to the Vinda Group.

The new system comprises specific lines for NBKP (Needle Bleached Kraft Pulp), LBKP (Leaf Bleached Kraft Pulp) and bagasse as raw material. Andritz installed the complete stock preparation system, with equipment for low-consistency (LC) pulping, low-consistency (LC) refining, high-consistency (HC) refining, the approach flow system, and broke handling. Two innovative 120 bdmt/d HC refining systems, each consisting of an Andritz Pulp Screw Press and an HC refiner, enable excellent processing of the special raw material mix and ensure superior tissue properties at a minimized NBKP content.

Vinda Personal Care (Guangdong), part of the Vinda Group, is one of the top four tissue producers in China.

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