ABB signs contract with RAK Mill in Indonesia

ABB has won a first order for its recently-launched Sheet Break Performance as part of a major digital transformation project at PT. Riau Andalan Kertas mill (RAK) in Indonesia, part of Asia Pacific Resources International Limited.

RAK had experienced a high number of sheet breaks and wanted to better understand the causes. ABB started with base level control tuning and Paper Machine Fingerprint and is implementing recommended actions, all delivered via Collaborative Operations, to enable RAK to reach the next level.

Sheet Break Performance is the latest addition to several other ABB Performance Services, including Wet End Control and Paper Machine Drives Performance, at the mill. The site is capable of producing up to 2.8 million tons of pulp and 1.15 tons of paper per year.

“ABB was the natural digital partner for our ambitious mill transformation, and we have complete confidence in their vision to help us to accurately diagnose sheet breaks and move up the curve to a more predictive approach to operations,” said Mr Clinton Vught, RAK BU Manager. “The digital transformation journey that we have been on with ABB has so far enabled us to increase overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and set a new output record. With our mill being one of the top five most efficient pulp and paper mills in the world, sustainability is equally important to us, so we look forward to using ABB’s Sheet Break Performance to enhance our operational performance while fulfilling our ambitious sustainability goals.”

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