A Well Exploited Child

Mr. Vivian’ parents did not invest on him for his higher education. His parents spent their valuable time on settling scores with each other instead of focusing on the development of their four children.

Vivian had to return 40,000 rupees to his dad in 1993 as his dad told him that a lot of money was spent on Vivian for his education. Though Vivian’s dad worked with a government, quality education could not be imparted to Vivian. Vivian had to study in government educational institutions. His dad died in 1994, as Vivian had neither money nor any well paid employment!.

He left the home on August 14th,1997 to spend more time on career development by leaving all the facilities and his late dad’s hard earned meagre property. He was a well exploited child for about twenty five years.

Mr. Vivian had to buy provisions, milk, vegetables, sell off news papers, make trips to flour mills, iron the washed clothes, drive the water from well, search for rented houses and shift the house hold items, get the provisions from the fair price shops, press his dad’s body, perform all the works related to the pre and post weddings of his three sisters, and so on.

His parents neither bought books nor clothes to him!. He had to steal the required books from his friends and also from a few shops!. Due to lack of money, he was also avoiding the payment of the bills at road side eateries and hotels. He was also pick pocketing from a few of his relatives and neighbours. He had to borrow some books, guides, notes, etc from one of his family friends in the same temple town.

As Mr. Vivian was busy doing the house hold works, he could not find sufficient time to improve his grades. He used to either mug or copy from other students during the examinations.

His dad advised to get separated from him after the completion of his post graduation. His parents just wanted to hear that his son is well off some where!.

Though Vivian had problems with his ears, cramps in his hands, bending of the bone in his head, etc his parents did not pay any attention.

It seems his parents did develop grudge with Vivian as he used to disturb them when they were in deep sexual activity!. Some of his mom’s extra marital relationships and activities too came to the notice of Mr. Vivian!. Hence, his mom besides exploiting him did spoil the alliances, created love stories, and spread rumours about her own only son!. His parents only concern was to perform the marriages of their daughters.

Thus instead of positively going ahead, both the sisters and parents were exploiting Mr. Vivian.

His brothers in law too took the advantage of the grim situation within the family for their selfish gains!.

Mr. Vivian could find a lot of free time to improve his career after leaving the ignorant family members. He worked as a teacher in four countries too!

Source by Tirumala Prasad

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