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A.Celli EvoLock®: the trendy decision to boost the effectivity and reduce the inspections of a Yankee Dryer

December 8, 2017 By İmitation Paper Off

iDEAL® EvoLock® Yankee Dryer

Our new EvoLock® decision, starting from the fantastic technological base of our Yankee Dryer Forged® YD, accommodates all the A.Celli utilized sciences already acknowledged and appreciated, like utilizing a monobloc shell solid from a single metallic ingot. The novelty lies in a novel and very fashionable head-to-shell connection system, which does not require utilizing structural welds or bolts. This decision permits, from an engineering viewpoint, to scale back the deformation of the shell edges induced by the deformation of the heads, which in itself is attributable to the inside steam stress. This important attribute improves the runnability on sheet edges and consequently the effectivity of the machine.

The actual design moreover permits to reduce the final width of the shell, supplying you with the potential of drying a much bigger format sheet with the similar current machine gauge and, as we’re going to analyze inside the subsequent paragraphs, to reduce the obligatory inspection interventions.

Required inspections: comparability between EvoLock® and completely different metallic Yankee Dryers

For our analysis, we’re going to bear in mind two forms of metallic Yankee Dryer within the market:

  1. A typical Yankee Dryer with welded shell and shell associated to the heads through full penetration structural welds.
  2. The model new A.Celli iDEAL® EvoLock® decision, with solid shell and a model new head-to-shell connection system who does not require bolts nor welds.

The subsequent desk compares the forms of the required checks for the aforementioned Yankee Dryers by means of the primary 12 years of life.

Required checks in the first 12 years
Tab. 1: required checks inside the first 12 years.
total downtime during the first 12 years
Tab 2: entire downtime by means of the primary 12 years.

The evolution of the Yankee Dryer: a lot much less inspections, additional productiveness

A.Celli iDEAL EvoLock
The model new A.Celli iDEAL® EvoLock®

From the desk we’re in a position to see how, for typical welded Yankees, the combination of periodic weld inspections and customary inside inspections actually helpful every 2 years leads to schedule of invasive, expensive and prolonged checks compared with these required for the A.Celli iDEAL® EvoLock® Yankee Dryers. The very best affect of these interventions is on account of should absolutely cool the cylinders for the inspection of the inside welds. As for the Yankee Dryers of the iDEAL® product family, the employees should entry them only for the biennial seen inspections typical of all Yankees, whereas the ultrasound checks are prescribed only for the structural screws which might be all located on the pores and skin, and subsequently do not require the entire cooling of the cylinder. Inside the desk, we’re going to affiliate the a number of sorts of inspection and their respective intervals with the on a regular basis cases important for his or her execution to calculate the total downtime of the Yankee cylinders by means of the primary 12 years of life.

In conclusion, the outcomes clearly current the good thing about A.Celli’s new EvoLock® Yankee Dryer which, compared with commonplace choices, is unmatched by means of time and costs saved on periodic inspections.