7 Tips to Enhance the Productivity of Your Sales Executives

Buddy Up

Training up your low performing agents with those that are performing the best is a great tactic to boost their morale and motivate them. Listening to the sales pitch of these agents and the methods they use to convert a lead into sales helps them change their calling approach. They absorb things that are working and then use them in their own calls.

Provide Short Breaks

Telemarketing requires your agents to be energetic and enthusiastic on every call. The smile and confidence they show over the phone reflects on the other side of the line. Regular short breaks helps them break their monotony and allows them to regain their energy and remain active throughout the day.

Regular, but Short Briefings

It is great to start your day with a briefing session that is mainly targeted at increasing your agents enthuse levels and motivates them towards a cheerful start. This, however, should not be the only session in a day. To increase the performance of their agents, managers need to have short briefings, say 2 or 3 during the entire day. These meetings should be taken with a view to share results and discuss how things are being implemented.

Praise and Share Feedback

Management is not just about conducting meetings with employees who are not performing well; it is about praising employees who are performing well too. In fact, appreciating your hardworking employees and executives who are delivering good results boosts the morale of the entire team. Given this, share ways to improve, but do remember to always praise people for their good work.

Take Your Agents Out for a While

This may look like counter-productive, but investing time with your sales agents outside your office for a while allows you to come close to them, understand them more and relieves their tension. Naturally, with greater understanding and relaxed environments they are able to better focus on their work, which eventually leads to increased sales performance.

Keep Internal Communication Updated

One of the key elements in your sales environment is its internal communication. When targets and deadlines are updated regularly your agents move in a work in a streamlined manner and are able to deal with everything in an optimized manner. It is your duty to share information on deals and promotions coherently, in order to let your agents be clear with their sales tactics and rebuttals.

Organize Contests

Healthy competition is one of the best ways to wake up your sleeping agents. It is a sure shot strategy to activate their dormant energies. This competition could be anything from closing a sale in the shortest time to making the maximum number of sales. Remember, when people regularly compare their stats and employ efforts to improve them, entire teams and the organization in whole feels a boost in the morale.


It is the duty of every organization to devise new ways that function to improve the working conditions of their sales professionals. Making positive changes in the overall work culture, rewarding deserving employees and motivating the entire team through smart strategies are all steps that lead to ‘increased productivity’. After all, enhancing sales is not just about buying cell phone number lists, but more about monitoring and implementing factors that revolve around the people who dial these numbers.

Source by Hemank Sharma

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