4 Ways To Increase Your Productivity

Lately, I’ve found myself unproductive and I thought, “How can I change this?” Well, here are four quick way that will surely increase your productivity. Try it and you’ll be amazed.

1 – Schedule!

Make a schedule. Write down all the things you WANT to do, and then separate them by hour. Here is an example. I have five hours during which I wish to be productive:

  1. Work on my book (5 pm)
  2. Write an article (6 pm)
  3. Read a book (7 pm)
  4. Go for a run (8pm)
  5. Long relaxing bath (9 pm)

This will keep me on track, and keep me from getting stuck with just one thing for a long time.

2 – Take Breaks!

Yep, take breaks. Take a five minute break every half an hour. It’ll help you recharge, and keep you from over-working yourself. Trust me, those five minutes will make you feel like a king and ready for more! So to the schedule above, ADD five minutes every half an hour!

3 – Clear Distractions!

All distractions. The best way to work is in silence, and in some cases, voiceless music. Turn off that TV, log off from Facebook, put those distractions away. The more electronics you have on around you, the more distracted you will be. I know that when I write, I frequently get on Stumbleupon, check the latest tweets, and other stuff, that somehow eats away hours of my time.

4 – Find a “Working Area”

One thing that tricks your brain into working and your mind into productivity is habit. Find an area where you’ll work and do nothing else. Every time you get to that area, work, do what you need to do but don’t rest there. When you go on that break, leave that area and relax elsewhere. This will get you used to working in that area and you’ll notice that with time, every time you get to that area, it will be enjoyable and it will be a breeze to get into that productive mood.

If you have any other ideas/suggestions, write them down in a comment and I will make an updated post!

Source by Alexander Janus

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