3 Ring Binders – How to Dispose of Them

Most every office and even some homes end up with old 3 ring binders that they really can’t use anymore as they are past their prime. The question becomes what do do with those binders when that time comes?

For many people, the first thought for old used 3 ring binders is to throw them away. Rather than do that, there may be some better solutions:


Here are a couple of great uses for used binders:

  • Scrapbooking or photo storage
  • Baby/child Books – Everyone wants to keep examples of their child’s homework, artwork, etc.
  • Children’s Coloring Book – Take an old binder and let small children draw or color all over. Punch holes in scrap paper, place it in the binder, and let them go to town.
  • Recipe Books – Store every recipe that you ever collected in an old binder.
  • Financial data – Old binders make a great place to store financial data like tax records, checkbook registers, old checks, bank statements, etc.
  • Keyholder – Remove the metal strip containing the metal binders. Mount it on a wall and you have one of the most secure key holders you will ever find.


Before you go recycle, consider donating your used binders to the following locations:

  • Local schools – Most every school is on a tight budget and most teachers will welcome some donated 3 ring binders as they can find hundreds of uses for them.
  • Charity organizations – Contact your local charity organizations and see if they might have a need for any used binders. Some of these groups will even come to you for pick-up.


If you have exhausted all your other resources or just plain prefer recycling your binders, here’s some information on how to do that.

Source by Grant Mills

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